The Importance of Lithium Portable Power Stations for Outdoor Workers

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When you're working outdoors, reliable power is an important consideration. Whether you are an outdoor photographer, a camping blogger or a construction team that needs to go out for construction, you need to keep the battery of your equipment in a healthy state, and if you have a lithium portable power station, it will make outdoor work easier .

lithium portable power station

Challenges of Working Outdoors

Keep your equipment working

I guess the last thing you want to see is for your equipment to break prematurely at a critical moment, but this is indeed a problem that outdoor workers often face. Usually, the battery in the work equipment cannot last for a whole day or more, which requires us to plan the work in advance and prepare a lithium portable power station with sufficient power.

continuous energy supply

Sometimes outdoor workers have no way to choose where they work, which inevitably leads to environments without a grid. In this off-grid situation, you simply cannot find a source of electricity to charge your work equipment. If this place is far from the power supply place, the round trip will delay a lot of working time, increase costs and reduce work efficiency.

Convenient and portable energy equipment

For outdoor workers, they may need to walk long distances, and usually they have carried a large amount of work equipment. If the portable power supply is very heavy, it will become a burden for them and quickly consume their energy. Therefore, choosing an outdoor power supply that is more suitable for portability and mobility is also one of the factors they need to consider.

Source of power generation

Even if you already have your own lithium portable power station, its power will be exhausted one day under high-intensity and long-term working conditions. Therefore, how to recharge portable power supplies is also one of the headaches, because mains power is not always guaranteed.

lifepo4 battery station

Choose the Best Lithium Portable Power Station as a Helper

Convenient power stations perform very well in outdoor construction, camping life, RV travel and other fields, and are the best power solutions. But not all portable power stations perform best. Choosing a product with LiFePo4 as the core is the first step you need to take.

Safety and environmental protection

No matter what kind of battery, safety is always the first factor that people consider. Our Energipak 3840 uses LiFePO4 batteries with high stability, safety and environmental protection. All cells are from EVE, the third largest cell manufacturer in China, with Multiple certifications and test verifications. And inside Energipak 3840, there is an intelligent BMS that monitors battery temperature, voltage, and current, providing the best safety guarantee.

Large capacity portable power station

When choosing to work outdoors for more than one day, larger capacity becomes a better guarantee. Energipak 3840 has an unprecedented 3840Wh storage capacity, which can support your outdoor equipment for at least two days of working time.

Easy to move

The overall weight of Energipak 3840 is close to 40kg. We use rollers at the bottom of the battery to move it. The hidden telescopic rod design allows you to move it as easily as a suitcase.

Multiple sources of power generation

When your portable power station runs out of energy, how to replenish it is a top priority. Some products only allow you to replenish power through the grid, but this will be restricted in off-grid areas. Energipak 3840 has multiple power replenishment methods. You can recharge this product through photovoltaic panels, power grids or vehicle systems. You can stay outdoors as long as there is enough sunlight.

High power output

You don't usually have just one working device with you outdoors, and when multiple devices are working at the same time, you have to consider the power output of a lithium portable power station. Energipak 3840 has a maximum output power of 3300W (European version 3600W) and 4 AC output ports, which can accommodate up to 4 devices connected at the same time.

Fast charging

Outdoor work is often time-critical, and the fast charging function becomes very critical. After all, no one wants to wait a day for the portable power station to be fully charged. Energipak 3840 has an input power adjustment knob that can adjust the maximum 1500W for charging, so if the power source is stable, you only need 2-3 hours to fully charge it.

The Lithium portable power station will revolutionize your outdoor working experience. Not only does the Energipak 3840 excel at camping, outdoor construction, or long-distance travel, it can also play a key role indoors when an unexpected power outage strikes, keeping the lights on in your home or making a cup of coffee in your coffee machine.

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