BSLBATT Home Lithium Battery Joins the Solis Hybrid Inverters Compatibility List

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BSLBATT, a trailblazer in the field of residential energy storage solutions, is proud to announce the inclusion of their cutting-edge home lithium battery on the exclusive compatibility list of Solis hybrid inverters. This great development has propelled the two companies into a closer strategic partnership worldwide, delivering a win-win marketplace and providing homeowners with an unparalleled combination of efficiency, reliability, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

BSLBATT's home lithium battery uses Tier One, A+ LiFePO4 Cell Composition, which is long-lasting, safe and environmentally friendly, and can be used in off-grid or grid-connected solar systems to help homeowners obtain stable solar power or reduce electricity costs and dependence on the grid. The seamless integration with Solis hybrid inverters ensures uninterrupted power supply during grid outages, enabling homeowners to enjoy reliable energy regardless of external circumstances while maximizing their self-consumption and achieving unparalleled energy independence.

The compatibility between BSLBATT's home lithium battery and Solis hybrid inverters delivers an array of benefits to homeowners seeking an advanced energy and extremely cost effective solution. The synergy between these two cutting-edge systems facilitates seamless communication and efficient energy transfer, resulting in superior overall system performance. Moreover, the streamlined installation process and comprehensive support provided by this compatibility offer homeowners peace of mind, knowing they have a robust and fully integrated solution for their energy needs.

S6-EH1P(3-6)K-L-EU (1)

"Solis is the third largest solar inverter manufacturer in the global and is pleased to add our LiFePO4 solar batteries to the list of Solis hybrid inverter communications," expressed Haley, Marketing Director at BSLBATT. "The successful matching of the BSLBATT battery with the Solis inverter was the result of discussions between the two parties and we mutual desire to reach an agreement, enabling homeowners to leverage our innovative storage batteries alongside the exceptional performance and reliability of Solis hybrid inverters. Together, we are empowering homeowners to embrace sustainability while enjoying significant cost savings."

BSLBATT's home lithium battery boasts cutting-edge lithium-ion technology, delivering unrivaled performance, durability, and safety. Its sleek and compact design facilitates seamless integration into residential spaces, while the intelligent management system optimizes charging and discharging cycles, ensuring extended battery life and superior efficiency.

Solis hybrid inverters, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, perfectly complement BSLBATT's home lithium battery . Equipped with real-time monitoring, power optimization, and grid support functions, Solis hybrid inverters provide homeowners with powerful tools to effectively manage and monitor their energy usage, maximizing the return on their solar power investment.

BSLBATT Home Lithium Battery Joins the Solis Hybrid Inverters Compatibility List

Mutually compatible inverter and battery models Including:

Solis: S6-EH1P(3-6)KL-EU Power range 3kW / 3.6kW / 4.6kW / 5kW / 6kW


Rack Battery: B-LFP48-52/100/134/156/174/200/280E

Wall Battery: B-LFP48-100/174/200/280/300PW / PowerLine Series

The software engineers of both BSLBATT and Solis communicate closely, and after extensive testing and modifications, ensure the stability and security of both products when communicating with each other. By combining their expertise and cutting-edge technologies, both companies are empowering homeowners to embrace clean energy, unlock the full potential of renewable resources, and contribute to a greener planet by reducing carbon footprints.


BSLBATT is a leading provider of lithium battery solutions, offering a diverse range of lithium batteries tailored to solar applications. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability, BSLBATT empowers homeowners, businesses, and industries to harness the power of renewable energy and drive the transition towards a cleaner and brighter future.

About Solis:

Solis is a globally recognized third largest manufacturer of solar inverters and advanced energy management solutions. Renowned for their commitment to technological advancements, Solis provides reliable, efficient, and intelligent solutions for the solar energy industry. By harnessing the power of the sun, Solis empowers individuals and businesses to achieve greater energy independence while making a positive impact on the environment.