• All in one 48 Volt Solar Lithium Battery ESS with 5kVa Inverter
    All in one 48 Volt Solar Lithium Battery ESS with 5kVa Inverter
    All in one battery is BSLBATT's low-voltage battery storage system for indoor or outdoor installations with a canopy. It uses a 5kVa hybrid inverter and 48V lithium battery pack, available in 15kWh / 30kWh capacities, and can be expanded through a modular design concept. With All in one battery, a high degree of energy self-sufficiency is now possible, which will significantly reduce your electricity bill. With home solar installations, homeowners can perfect their PV installations to continue to power their homes in the event of a power outage or blackout. In the event of a power failure, the storage system will automatically switch to island operation, thus ensuring power supply. BSLBATT All-in-one battery system is available for all brands of solar panels.
    • All in One ESS Battery PowerBeast
    • Product Description
    Product Description

    All in One ESS Battery

    Your self-produced electricity is in good hands with BSLBATT All-in-one battery - regardless of whether it is destined for your own home, a multi-family house, a commercial or industrial operation or e-mobility. Our entire product range is based on a modular concept that is based on the latest technologies and meets and even exceeds all requirements for modern solar energy storage systems. Thus, all BSLBATT components can be easily integrated into existing and new systems from small to large and ensure safe and efficient operation in their application.

    all in one inverter and battery

    Energy Storage Battery Unit

    In the battery part of All in One ESS, we use BSLBATT ultra-thin rack battery LiFePO4 48V 100Ah PowerCube-5, with a single battery module of 5kWh, installed in the cabinet below by side plugging, using plug-and-play connection cable between the battery and thebattery, flexible and convenient installation is its biggest feature!

    all in one inverter battery

    Hybrid Inverter Part

    This All in one ESS can be configured as a hybrid inverter according to different needs. The standard configuration is the BSL-5K-2P, a hybrid inverter with 5kVa power that can accept up to 7000W of PV input, with 2 MPPT built-in and an amazing 99.90% conversion efficiency. The inverter has Grid monitoring, Independent disconnection device (MSD, Mains monitoring with allocated Switching Devices). Apart from that, we can also offer 8kW, 10kW or even 12kW hybrid inverters for integration in the All in one ESS.

    All-in-one battery

    Smart Products, Smart Choices

    ● Max. 98% efficiency

    ● Max. 15A PV input current

    ● UPS level switching within 10ms

    ● Max. 30A charge/discharge current

    ● Multiple operating modes, on-grid, off-grid and UPS, MPPT charger built in.

    ● Integrated smart APP, can remotely diagnose and update

    ● DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system

    ● Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous Cobalt-Free LFP Chemistry

    ● >6000 Cycle Life with a 10 Year Warranty

    ● Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance

    All in One ESS Powerbeast-PC15 Powerbeast-PC30

    Rating Output Power 5000W 8000W
    Maximum Output Apparent Power 5500VA 8000VA
    Max Output Current 22.8A 38.5A
    Rating Grid Voltage 230V
    Rating Grid Frequency 50Hz
    Type Of Infeed Single-phase
    Total Current Waveform Distortion Rate <3%
    Power Factor Range >0.99@ Full power
    Off Grid Output(AC)

    Max Output Power 4500W 8000W
    Rating Output Voltage 230V 230V/120V
    Rating Output Frequency 50Hz(60Hz Optional) 50HZ/60HZ
    UPS Switching Time <20ms <10ms
    Total Harmonic Distortion (Linear Load) 3% 3%
    Overload Capacity 110%,30S /120%,10/150% 80ms 110%,30S /120%,10/150% 80ms
    PV Input (DC)

    Max. DC Input Power (W) 7000W 10400W
    Max PV Input Voltage (V) 500V 500V
    Starting Voltage 150V 150V
    PV Input Voltage Range 150V-500V 150V-500V
    MPPT Voltage Range 120V-430V 120V-430V
    MPPT Quantity 2 2
    Max String Quantity To Each MPPT Group 1 2
    Max Input Current 15A/15A 22A/22A
    Battery Part

    Rated Voltage(V) 51.2V
    Rated Capacity(Ah) 300 600
    Energy(kWh) 15.36 30.72
    Power Rating(kW) 7.68 15.36
    Maximum Power(kW) 15.36 30.72
    Weight(Kg) 144.9 289.8
    Cycle Life(90% DOD @25c) >6000 cycles
    Design Life(25°C) 10 years
    Certificate CE,UL1973(cell),UN38.3

    Enclosure Size(mm) 804*380*1406 804*380*1969

    Powerwall Replacement china manufacturer

    Why Choose Us?

    1. Our company is a high-tech enterprise with 20 years' experience in R&D battery.

    2. With a total span of 20000 square meters, our monthly production capacity can exceed 13000 sets battery in our factories.

    3. Flexible customizing and manufacturing accepted.

    4. We promise to provide high-quality products with our professional R&D team, accomplished and experienced workers, and advanced equipment.

    5. Strict management and control for every progress in producing and 100% QC inspection before shipment.

    6. We provide service of sample and prompt shipment and sending someone to follow up on the progress of the logistics after delivery.

    7. 5 years warranty(extendible up to 10 years). Professional after-sales service, give instruction on how to use the products.

    Performance Characteristics

    Powerwall Long Life
    Powerwall Different current
    Powerwall Charging

    The BSLBATT home storage systems capture excess solar energy to provide power when it is needed most—when the power goes out, when electricity prices spike, or when the sun isn’t shining. BSLBATT curates a portfolio of hardware options from internationally recognized battery and power electronics suppliers in order to provide homeowners and businesses with safe, reliable, and renewable power.


    "BSLBATT batteries eliminated the most difficult challenges we face when building microgrids in remote tropical locations. The batteries are much easier to transport and they have a good chance of lasting the entire 20 years. This means BSLBATT batteries generally pay for themselves in under 4 years!”