Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024: The Ultimate Guide to Fully Exploring the Show

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The Solar & Storage Live Africa, Africa's largest renewable energy exhibition, is back after one year. Thanks to the successful implementation of the renewable energy transition in all regions of Africa, this showcase for solar professionals and suppliers of solar products is getting more and more attention, so are you planning to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa, in the third week of March? Have you made plans to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa in the third week of March to attend 2024 Solar & Storage Live Africa? Check out our show guide to help you make the most of the opportunity.

The show will run for three days from March 18th to 20th, during which you can enjoy talking to manufacturers, distributors and installers of PV panels, inverters, storage batteries and other solar equipment, as well as taking advantage of conferences, presentations and forums that will enrich your solar knowledge.

Pre-Exhibitor Preparation

Research Exhibitors

Before you get to the show, you can save yourself a lot of time during the show by doing some preliminary research on the Solar & Storage Live Africa Exhibitor Directory page of more than 350 exhibitors, and put the products and companies that match your goals and interests on your exhibitor list.

Familiarize yourself with the show floor plan

On the day of the show, more than 20,000 people from 40 countries will come to the show, so if you familiarize yourself with the floor plan in advance, you won't get lost in the traffic. From the floor plan, we can see that the area is divided into 5 sections, Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3, Hall 4 and Hall 5, so you need to know the entrance and exit of each hall in order to get to the booths you are interested in quickly. (GOG will be the representative of BSLBATT in Hall 3, C124)

Solar & FE Africa 2024



Plan Your Schedule

Solar & Storage Live Africa is packed with the latest and most innovative content. From keynote speeches, real-life case studies and country spotlights to interactive discussions and workshops, Solar & Storage Live Africa gives you the opportunity to showcase or learn specialized renewable energy knowledge in the form of a workshop, panel discussion or demonstration with 200 of the industry's leading speakers and experts.

Conference topics include:

The Energy Transition

Digitization and Disruption

Emerging Renewables

The Grid Re-imagined

The Circular Economy

ICT and Smart Tech

Storage and Battery

Asset Management

Solar - Tech and Installation

Energy Technology

The Wires T&D

Commercial and Industrial Energy Users

Energy Efficiency

Smart Meters and Billing


The Solar & Storage Live Africa conference has a very tight schedule, and it's vital to have a detailed program in place to make the most of the four-day event and to ensure you don't miss out on any of the valuable sessions.

Conference (all days):

Conference Day 1: Monday 18 March 2024 09:00 - 17:00

Conference Day 2: Tuesday 19 March 2024 09:00 - 17:00

Conference Day 3: Wednesday 20 March 2024 09:00 - 17:00

Prepare questions

You can prepare a list of questions related to the products or services you are interested in ahead of time so that you can quickly ask insightful questions and seek detailed information to interact with exhibitors or professionals on the show floor. This will save your time for more important things.

Gather marketing materials

Collect brochures, flyers or business cards from exhibitors. These materials will provide a valuable reference for you to follow up with or compare vendors.

Follow up with exhibitors

Review the marketing materials, business cards and notes you collected during the event. Organize them in a way that makes follow-up easier and more efficient. Contact exhibitors you contacted during the event. Send a personalized email or make a phone call to continue the conversation, explore a potential collaboration or request additional information.

Solar & Storage Live Africa - After Hours

You can find a delicious restaurant to enjoy the unique night view of Johannesburg and join the conversation on social media platforms related to the show using the event hashtag. Connect with exhibitors and industry influencers online and share your experiences and insights throughout the event.

Solar & Storage Live Africa offers plenty of opportunities to explore the latest products, network with industry professionals and gain insight into the renewable energy sector. By following these tips, you can make the most of your visit and leave with valuable contacts, knowledge and potential business opportunities.

The Solar Show Africa 2024

Also, if you are interested in home energy storage and commercial and industrial energy storage solutions, be sure to stop by booth C124 to meet and talk with BSLBATT's energy storage experts, where we will be showcasing the latest Lithium battery solutions for residential and business at the most cost-effective prices available to dealers and installers.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your time at Solar & Storage Live Africa and make the most of this exciting event!