• Replace Wall Mounted LiFePo4 Solar Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage
  • Replace Wall Mounted LiFePo4 Solar Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage
  • Replace Wall Mounted LiFePo4 Solar Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage
    Replace Wall Mounted LiFePo4 Solar Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage
    Are you looking for a reliable alternative to the Tesla Powerwall? If you are looking for a reliable and efficient home battery system, then you have come to the right place. Our product is designed to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience, without compromising on performance or quality. The daily cycle BSLBATT wall battery uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry and can be cycled 6,000 times before warranty expiration.
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    Product Description

    Tesla Home Battery Storage

    BSLBATT Solar Wall Battery Manufacturer - Tesla Powerwall Replacement

    LiFePO4 solar wall battery is an integrated lithium iron phosphate battery system developed by BSLBATT for home energy storage. It is light in weight, self-maintaining and self-managing, easy to use, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and supports up to 30 groups of parallel use; Adapted to mainstream inverters in the market. It is suitable for home wall-mounted installation and can be used in home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, etc. It is the best solution to replace Tesla house battery.

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    BSLBATT Home Battery Product Features

    ① The positive electrode of the battery is made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) material square, with good safety performance and long cycle life;

    ② Battery management adopts high performance BMS battery management system with over discharge, over charge, over current, short circuit, high and low temperature protection, etc.

    ② Battery management adopts high performance BMS with over discharge, over charge, over current, short circuit and low temperature protection, etc;

    ③ Autonomous management of charging and discharging, real-time information reporting, so that the back-end monitoring unit can understand the battery information in a timely and accurate manner;

    ④ With charging current limiting function, when the charging current is greater than the over-current protection value, the current limiting charging is automatically activated;

    ⑤ With automatic wake-up function, the battery is automatically activated to work when the base station is re-powered, without the need for human activation;

    ⑥ With telemetry, remote control, telematics and remote control functions, which can realize remote monitoring by computer;

    ⑦  Flexible configuration, multiple modules can be used in parallel to extend the system power backup time;

    ⑧ Self-cooling method, no fan noise;

    ⑨ Good battery compatibility, more suitable for home power backup use;

    ⑩ Customised modules can be added for heating, fire extinguishing, etc.

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    Environment of use

    (1) Environmental requirements for use

    The working environment of the battery pack should be free from corrosive, explosive and insulation-damaging gases and conductive dust, and away from high heat sources.

    (2) Ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure range

    Charging temperature range: 0℃~65℃;

    Discharge temperature range: -20℃~65℃;

    Storage and transport temperature range: -20°C to 65°C

    Operating relative humidity range: ≤ 90% (45°C ± 2°C)

    Storage and transport relative humidity range: ≤95% (45°C ± 2°C);

    Atmospheric pressure range: 70 to 106kPa

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    Performance Characteristics

    Powerwall Long Life
    Powerwall Different current
    Powerwall Charging


    1. Our company is a high-tech enterprise with 20 years of experience in R&D batteries.

    2. With a total span of 20000 square meters, our monthly production capacity can exceed 13,000 sets of household batteries in our factories.

    3. Flexible customizing and manufacturing accepted.

    4. We promise to provide high-quality products with our professional R&D team, accomplished and experienced workers, and advanced equipment.

    5. Strict management and control for every progress in production and 100% QC inspection before shipment.

    6. We provide service of samples and prompt shipment and send someone to follow up on the progress of the logistics after delivery.

    7. 5 years warranty(extendible up to 10years). Professional after-sales service, give instruction on how to use the products.