BSLBATT: Building a Sustainable Future 
with High-Quality Lithium Batteries
We provide the best lithium battery solutions for home, commercial and industrial energy storage.

From lithium batteries to energy storage manufacturers

At BSLBATT, we're dedicated to providing high-quality lithium battery solutions for a sustainable future.


Since our founding in 2003, we've been committed to innovation, quality, and reliability in everything we do. In 2014, we established a manufacturing division for lithium batteries for energy storage to provide the most cost-effective product solutions for home and commercial and industrial energy storage!


In addition to this, BSLBATT also provides customized lithium battery products for a variety of applications such as material handling, low-speed power (golf carts, touring carts), etc.

Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable lithium battery solutions that power homes, businesses, and communities around the world.