BSLBATT Launches 215kWh C&I Energy Storage System

Views: 203     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-15      Origin: Site


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With the rising cost of energy, power shortages, and frequent and prolonged power outages significantly impacting industrial and commercial processes, China lithium battery solution provider BSLBATT has introduced the integrated 215kWh C&I Energy Storage System (ESS-GRID C215) in response to these challenges.

The ESS-GRID C215 is an intelligent energy storage product designed for small-scale industrial and commercial energy storage, photovoltaic-diesel storage, photovoltaic storage and charging, and other microgrid scenarios. The system's operation and maintenance are simplified, and when combined with BSLBATT's intelligent monitoring platform, it allows for remote system data detection and modification of system operating modes through a cloud-based system.

ESS-GRID C215 is an integrated C&I energy storage system, comprising DC/DC, AC/DC, on/off-grid switching modules, battery packs, high-voltage control boxes, dynamic environmental monitoring, energy management, smoke detection and fire protection systems. It is a turnkey energy storage system, where customers on-site only need to connect ESS-GRID C215 directly to the grid, photovoltaics, diesel generators, and loads for immediate use.

"In the most secure manner, ESS-GRID C215 provides power for industrial and commercial scenarios, using environmentally friendly and thermally stable LiFePO4 batteries as the storage core," said Lin Peng, Chief Engineer at BSLBATT. "Additionally, we have incorporated smoke detection devices and a fire protection module into the entire system. If there is a fire risk in the battery, we are confident in effectively controlling the fire within 10 seconds."

ESS-GRID C215 utilizes EVE 280Ah high-capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries for its battery array, with a total of 15 battery packs connected in series, providing a storage capacity of 215kWh. The system can achieve megawatt-level storage capacity through parallel connection, meeting the energy needs of industrial and commercial enterprises.

ESS-GRID C215 offers various operating modes to cater to different application scenarios, including backup power (UPS), peak transfer, demand response, microgrid, and expanding energy self-sufficiency. The UPS function allows for power equipment switching within 20ms, ensuring a swift transition to battery power supply when the grid experiences faults or power outages, guaranteeing the normal operation of critical equipment and helping businesses maintain operational status, thereby reducing losses caused by power shortages.

The C&I energy storage system ESS-GRID C215 features an IP65 outdoor protection cabinet design, optimized for heat dissipation channels, and is resistant to sand, dust, and rain. The open design on the front and rear sides facilitates maintenance and allows for easy on-site arrangement of multiple systems in parallel, minimizing space requirements.

Experience the future of reliable and efficient energy storage with BSLBATT's ESS-GRID C215. Contact us today to learn how our innovative solution can empower your business, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing the impact of power disruptions. Embrace the power of sustainable energy with BSLBATT – Your Partner in Energy Excellence.