BSLBATT LiFePO4 48V Battery Is Compatible With Victron Inverter

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Produced by Wisdom Industrial Power Co. Ltd. BSLBATT LiFePO4 48V battery and Victron have been tested and are now compatible with each other. If you are a fan of Victron, this is good news for you!

Victron inverter with lithium battery

In order to better match the global households that use solar energy as clean energy, the BSLBATT battery has passed the Victron inverter test and meets Victron's BMS-Can specification. Thank you very much for our exclusive distributor of solar lithium batteries in South Africa, GET OFF GRID. It supports Victron's BMS-Can specification and is supported by 3 companies.

How does BSLBATT Lithium Battery for energy storage system connect to a Victron’s inverter?

Off-grid, backup and energy storage system (ESS)

Victron + BSLBATT can be used in the following system types:

Energy storage system-self-consumption

Grid backup


VICTRON Energy, based in the Netherlands, has been manufacturing power conversion equipment since 1975, and it has become well known all over the world for manufacturing reliable off-grid battery inverters/chargers and a wide range of quality, economical solar controllers. Victron Energy enjoys an unparalleled strong reputation for technological innovation, reliability and manufacturing quality. Its products are widely regarded as the professional choice for independent power supplies.

In order to provide our battery products to global customers without any burden, BSLBATT Storage Battery has been looking for suitable partners to optimize the system and installation configuration. The outstanding strength of victron energy and the positive results of product compatibility testing have promoted the establishment of a closer strategic partnership between the two parties on a global scale and a win-win market.

compatible with victron inverter

Battery compatibility, support the following BSLBATT battery models:




This great partnership has strengthened the market network of the two companies and the development of customer groups. "Our mission is to shift energy from fossil fuels to clean energy and create a sustainable modern life. The cooperation with victron energy will definitely accelerate Achieve this goal," Bella Chen said. Said Bella Chen, European sales director of BSLBATT Storage Battery.

Victron's solar inverter is a highly efficient and reliable inverter. It has been tested and used many times in the field. Toroidal transformers provide high peak power surge capability, stable voltage, frequency and high-quality sine waves. Built-in Bluetooth makes it easier than ever to set up a high-power inverter.

Including Victron, BSLATT has cooperated with a number of leading inverter manufacturers. We can provide the best energy storage batteries and inverters for specific situations. The way, place and time we design solutions are based on extensive experience and for the reasons mentioned above.

BSLBATT can be connected with Victron

Through free consultation and customized system design, we understand various solar system settings and how you plan to use energy production, so our help is very meaningful to you.

You are welcome to become one of our partners and jointly build a green/strong energy group for our people. BSLBATT will be your stable and powerful lithium battery supplier.

To learn more about Victron Energy and BSLBATT Storage Battery, please visit Victron Energy or BSL-Battery.

About BSLBATT Battery

BSLBATT is a manufacturer of lithium batteries and energy storage solutions, our targets are focused on the following markets: Solar power solutions, microgrids, home energy storage, etc. The company provides a full range of services and high-quality products, continuing to pave the way for a greener and more efficient future for energy storage.