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In BSLBATT, we provide batteries that use energy more efficiently. We are working to promote a new energy model that is cheaper, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and consumer-led, because we believe that the future of energy depends on how intelligently we use it.


Manufactured using the latest technology and stringent quality control, our battery products are designed to exceed in performance and reliability.


Our focused approach to exceptional end to end customer experience sets us apart from the competition. We regularly exceed our customers’ expectations.


Delivery on time, every time to customer specifications. We pride ourselves on offering tailored service solutions to meet our customers' exact specifications.
The BSLBATT wall-mounted Home battery is an intelligent 10kWh (9.6kWh usable) residential energy storage appliance that offers homeowners the ability to store power generated by an onsite solar system or from the grid for use as an emergency home battery backup. Despite its attraction as an emergency power device, Powerwall was designed from the ground up as a way for homeowners with onsite solar systems to extend the power they generate during daylight hours into the night.
NEW at BSLBATT Lithium Powerwall! The BSLBATT Lithium PowerWall Series energy storage system provides a 15 Kilowatt-hour battery in a single package. Up to 14 units can be used together for additional capacity. The PowerWall Series has been designed for trouble-free mounting and is easy to connect with other system components.
The BSLBATT 20 kwh lithium battery storage cabinet enforces the technical innovations, as by the specially developed by BSLBATT Lithium unique active bidirectional transmission optional battery management system (BMS) new standard for modularity and Efficiencies. Because of the special control, the cells are optimally charged and discharged to ensure a long shelf life.
What are you waiting for? Become your own energy supplier now. With our BSLBATT energy storage systems, your self-produced energy is available anytime as a proportion of the consumption of your own power increases by up to 80%. This brings you energy-autonomy and can protect you from increases in electricity costs.
The daily cycle 7 kWh BSLBATT battery uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry and can be cycled 5,000 times before warranty expiration. The BSLBATT Powerwall has a 98% round-trip efficiency when charged or discharged by a 400–450 V system at 2 kW with a temperature of 77 °F (25 °C) when the product is brand new.
Built by One of the World’s Leading Manufacturers. Drop-in replacement, buy now! Chat Support Available. Wall hanged battery saves more space with ultra-long >10 years service life. LCD display screen monitor power status, mature product attractive price GPRS function DTU. OEM PARTNERSHIPS. Autonomy BMS research. Types: GPRS function DTU, OEM, Powerwall.

Everything Is Possible with BSLBATT

BSLBATT provides a complete energy solution by offering various options
fit for your home condition and lifestyle.

Superior Engineering

Non-hazardous Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry combined with proprietary architecture, manufacturing and Battery Management System (BMS) offers superior performance without hazards or thermal runaway with fire propagation.

Scalable Security

Energy security for personal, residential and commercial applications that provide critical backup power, daily costs savings on utility bills and uninterrupted off-grid renewable energy reserves.

Proven Performance

Robust performance profile with a 98% efficiency rate, deep depth of discharge, rapid charge/discharge, long cycle life and broad operating temperature to create dependable solutions for a diverse range of energy storage applications.

Warranty & Technical Support

Industry-leading warranties and technical expertise with the ongoing support for your project requirements. We offer a Wall-mounted Powerwall Dealer program that allows customers to access ongoing training, sales support, co-marketing and lead-sharing.

Project Cases

More than 50 countries have installed BSLBATT Powerwall all over the world.

Real, customised

Our experience in the energy technology sector allows us
to offer our expertise to develop customised products and
services for various sectors and industries.

Latest News

Our BSLBATT batteries are integrated smart energy storage systems created by Wisdom Power to optimize your consumption. Save on your electricity bills and achieve greater energy independence.

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Since 2003, BSLBATT provides electric energy more efficiently and reliably as best solution. Powerwall charges by day and powers at night for residential solar system with compact, affordable and easy installation features.

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