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In BSLBATT, we provide batteries that use energy more efficiently. We are working to promote a new energy model that is cheaper, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and consumer-led, because we believe that the future of energy depends on how intelligently we use it.


Manufactured using the latest technology and stringent quality control, our battery products are designed to exceed in performance and reliability.


Our focused approach to exceptional end to end customer experience sets us apart from the competition. We regularly exceed our customers’ expectations.


Delivery on time, every time to customer specifications. We pride ourselves on offering tailored service solutions to meet our customers' exact specifications.
Chinese Powerwall - Battery Storage System - 3.3 kWh – this is an independent review for BSLBATT - Battery Storage System - 3.3 kWh we have compiled for your reference. Feel free to add your comments or experiences at the bottom of the page.
We are independent experts in solar energy, battery storage, and electric car charging points, and over the past 16 years we’ve designed and installed thousands of systems across the whole world; for councils, universities, businesses, and homeowners.we can help. Whether pioneering community-funded solar, exploring the benefits of batteries or helping them transition to electrified transport, we have always been driven by a real commitment to the big picture: To build a future powered by the sun, where the energy we need and use comes without the pollution and conflict we don’t want.
I think we can all agree – power cuts suck! They always come right when you’re in the middle of something important; then you’re looking around for torches and candles, and wondering whether the food in your freezer will last until the power comes back on. Now we’re in the 21st Century surely there’s a better way? Especially given than over 1 million of us are actually generating our own electricity at home? Well, it is now possible to buy home battery systems with the capability to ride through power cuts and keep you fully powered 24/7, 365 days a year. Just don’t complain when all your neighbors come over for a cup of tea!
Our Off-Grid B-Box Energy Storage System is made from phosphate LiFePO4 and is widely used in remote mountainous areas, no electricity areas, islands, hospitals, business centers, communication stations, street lights, and other applications.
Out and about during the day and worried the savings your solar panels are generating could go to waste? The high capacity BSLBATT Powerwall battery captures and stores the electricity you’re not using so you can use it later. All Powerwall installations come with a full system warranty, so you can save power in the knowledge that you're covered. DOWNLOAD SPEC

Everything Is Possible with BSLBATT

BSLBATT provides a complete energy solution by offering various options
fit for your home condition and lifestyle.

Compact Size & Easy Installation

The compact and lightweight
nature of the BSLBATT Powerwall allows easier and faster installation.

Proven Safety

The safety of BSLBATT’s
lithium-ion battery is proven in
the Motive Power and ESS markets.

Easy to Scale Up

All models of the BSLBATT 48V
lineup is easily connected to
each other with BSLBATT plus.

Easy to Scale Up

All models of the BSLBATT 48V
lineup is easily connected to
each other with BSLBATT plus.

Project Cases

More than 50 countries have installed BSLBATT Powerwall all over the world.

Real, customised

Our experience in the energy technology sector allows us
to offer our expertise to develop customised products and
services for various sectors and industries.

Latest News

Our BSLBATT batteries are integrated smart energy storage systems created by Wisdom Power to optimize your consumption. Save on your electricity bills and achieve greater energy independence.

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    The BSLBATT Powerwall Home Battery FAQ

    Answers to all your BSLBATT Powerwall questions in one place! Check out the 2019 Guide to learn about Powerwall specs, how battery+solar works, & more!

    27 11 2019
  • shadeduringdifferenttimesoftheyear.jpg

    How much does your lifestyle rely on a stable power grid?

    Living off the grid doesn't have to mean a rustic lifestyle. ... There are so many places to enjoy that are beyond the power lines. But that ... that will allow you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without relying on utility power. ... orientation, and to provide the stability needed to protect your investment from the force of the wind.

    17 03 2020
  • home with solar panels on the roof.jpg

    Home Energy Management Systems – a smart way to save?

    Home energy management systems provide an excellent option to take great control over your energy consumption and power bills.The system will keep track of which rooms you are occupying and make sure that the temperature in them is sufficiently warm when you use them. No longer will your home needlessly heat itself while you are out.

    17 12 2019
  • solar battery.jpg

    Is BSLBATT Powerwall battery storage right for my home?

    The BSLBATTBatterie Smart Energy Storage system is one of the most robust and advanced batteries on the market. By using intelligent energy management software, your battery system will automatically store energy during the sunniest times to ensure you have power at night or during a power outage.

    06 12 2019
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    After the Tesla Powerwall price increase how to buy the best solar battery storage?

    Learn how home solar battery storage systems such as the Tesla Powerwall work in tandem with solar panels to efficiently deliver energy to your home.

    06 11 2019
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    How do solar batteries compare? Tesla Powerwall vs. Sonnen eco vs. LG Chem RESU vs. BSLBATT Home Battery

    Compare the Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen eco compact, BSLBATT Home battery, and LG RESU home solar batteries in terms of capacity, warranty, and price.

    02 11 2019
  • home battery web page .jpg

    We've launched our Home battery new website and we're excited to introduce the new look to you

    Wisdom Power is proud to announce the launch of our new website which coincides with our expanding role as a BSLBATT Home battery that provides electric energy more efficiently and reliably as the best solution. Powerwall charges by day and powers at night for residential solar system with compact, affordable and easy installation features. and professional services with environment-friendly energy.

    21 03 2019
  • home battery.jpg

    Is a home battery worth the investment?

    In the future, domestic batteries will probably also play a buffer role on the smart grid by regulating renewable energy flows, What's more, electric car batteries, which remain unused during the day in car parks, could also be used. This is called vehicle-to-grid. Electric cars could also be used to power the home during the evening, recharging at night at low prices, etc. All this, of course, requires technical and financial management at all times which only a fully automatic system can provide.

    29 10 2019
Since 2003, BSLBATT provides electric energy more efficiently and reliably as best solution. Powerwall charges by day and powers at night for residential solar system with compact, affordable and easy installation features.

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