• High-Performance 3kW 5kW Off Grid Inverter Built-in MPPT
  • High-Performance 3kW 5kW Off Grid Inverter Built-in MPPT
  • High-Performance 3kW 5kW Off Grid Inverter Built-in MPPT
    High-Performance 3kW 5kW Off Grid Inverter Built-in MPPT
    Elevate your off-grid energy game with our cutting-edge off-grid inverters, available in two robust models: 3kW and 5kW inverter solar off grid. Experience uninterrupted power wherever you are with these reliable and efficient solutions.
    • BSL-3K/5K-1PO
    • Product Description
    Product Description

    The off-grid inverter offered by BSLBATT is a pure sine wave inverter with built-in MPPT as an all-in-one solution for storing solar, utility, and diesel generator power into the battery, and has a UPS function that switches over power within 10ms, with PV prioritizing the load as needed, PV priority load, utility priority load or PV+battery priority load can be set as required.

    off grid 5kw inverter


    ● Multiple operating modes, off-grid and UPS, MPPT charger built-in

    ● Compatible with almost all 48V LiFePO4 battery pack

    ● Integrated smart APP, can remotely diagnose and update

    ● Max. 6 pcs in parallel

    ● Suitable for customizing various PV Energy Storage System

    ● Automatic activation of LiFePO4 battery pack


    Model BSL-3K-1PO BSL-5K-1PO
    Battery Data

    Battery Type Lead-Acid battery Lithium battery / Lead-Acid battery
    Nominal Battery Voltage (V) 24 48
    Max. Continuous Charging Current (A) 120 80
    Max. Charge Power (W) 3200 4500
    Max. Discharge Power (W) 3000 5000
    PV String Input Data
    Max. Input Power (W) 2000 5500
    Max. Input Voltage (V) 150 500
    MPPT Operating Voltage Range (V) 30-115 120-430
    Start-up Voltage (V) 30 150
    Nominal Input Voltage (V) 100 300
    Number of MPP Trackers 1 1
    Number of Strings per MPPT 1 1
    AC Output Data
    Rated Power (W) 3000 5000
    Nominal Output Current (A) 13.6 21.7
    Nominal Output Voltage (V) 220 / 230 / 240 220 / 230 / 240
    Nominal Output Freqency (Hz) 50 / 60 50 / 60
    Output THDv (@Linear Load) <3% <3%
    Conversion Efficiency
    Max. Efficiency 0.936 0.936
    MPPT Efficiency 0.999 0.999

    AC Overcurrent Protection Integrated Integrated
    AC Short Circuit Protection Integrated Integrated
    AC Overvoltage Protection Integrated Integrated
    Remote Shutdown Integrated Integrated
    Environmental / Ambient Conditions
    Operating Temperature Range (°C) 0 ~ +50 0 ~ +50
    Excess Temperature Behaviour continuous power reduction (derating)
    Relative Humidity 0 to 95 % (climate class 4k6), non-condensing
    Installation Altitude above Sea Level up to 2000 m above sea level
    Installation Location Inside
    Cooling Method Air Cooling
    Mechanical Data
    Dimensions (W × H × D mm) 300 x 485 x 120
    Weight (kg) 9±0.5
    Protection Level IP20
    Installation Type Wall Installation with Wall Bracket
    Display LCD, WLAN + APP
    Monitoring Settings Integrated data logger
    Communication with BMS CAN
    Communication with Portal Wifi
    Other Data
    Topology Transformerless
    Reliability Integrated
    Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Years