• 153V - 1500V Battey Pack LiFePO4 High Voltage
  • 153V - 1500V Battey Pack LiFePO4 High Voltage
  • 153V - 1500V Battey Pack LiFePO4 High Voltage
  • 153V - 1500V Battey Pack LiFePO4 High Voltage
    153V - 1500V Battey Pack LiFePO4 High Voltage
    BSLBATT High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery Pack is a high voltage battery storage system designed for indoor use. The entire HV PACK can be scaled up in units of 5.12kWh to a maximum of 890.88 kWh, which is suitable for residential, medium-sized industrial and commercial applications, UPS and other scenarios.
    • HV PACK 51.2V 100Ah
    • Product Description
    Product Description

    High voltage LiFepo4 Battery

    153 V - 1500 V High Voltage LiFePO4 Battey Pack

    BSLBATT HV PACK is a rack-mounted battery system designed for high-voltage applications (three-phase residential systems, industrial and commercial energy storage, microgrids, high-voltage UPS), each pack is 51.2V 100Ah, by series connection, up to 1500 V. And the high-voltage box is equipped with GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc., which allows for real-time monitoring of the battery's data and information, is Modular, lightweight, intelligent, easy to install and portable high voltage battery system.

    Safe and reliable

        • Redundant protection design for all-round protection

        • High quality power output

        • LiFePO4 electrochemical, safety and environmental protection, higher stability

    High voltage and high efficiency design 


        • 153V - 1500V high voltage design

        • High conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

        • TI embedded design, very low standby power consumption

        • Support well Hybrid inverter, off-grid inverter

    Modular and stackable

        • Can be connected in series to ensure high efficiency

        • Well-connected to provide more power

        • Parallel connection of up to 6 battery strings, max. 890.88 kWh

        • Simple and flexible, adaptable to different scenarios

    Multiple interfaces to support cloud-based system

        • RS485, CAN and other communication interfaces

        • Support remote online upgrade, simple maintenance

        • Support cloud system, accurate to each group of electric core operation

        • Support Bluetooth WiFi function

    High voltage Battery storage

    HV PACK Specification

    General Parameter HV PACK 256 HV PACK 512
    Nominal Voltage 256V
    Rated Capacity (Ah) 100 100
    Cell Brand (LFP-3.2V) EVE100AH EVE100AH
    System configuration 80S1P 160S1P
    Battery single box number 5 10
    Rate power 25.6kWh 51.2kWh
    Charge Cut-off Voltage 278.4V
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage 216V 432V
    Recommended Current 50A
    Maximum Charging Current 100A 100A
    Maximum Discharging Current 100A 100A
    Communication protocol CAN / DRY
    Host software protocol CAN (250Kb/s)
    Operation Temperature Range Charge:0~55℃  Discharge: -20~60℃
    Storage Temperature 0~25℃
    Number of Cycles 6000 cycles @ 90% DOD
    Dimension 476*660*1110mm 476*660*1855mm
    Control unit Type 1600V 250Ah
    Warranty 10 years