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[Notice] The BSLBATT Powerwall Home Battery FAQ
Answers to all your BSLBATT Powerwall questions in one place! Check out the 2021 Guide to learn about Powerwall specs, how battery+solar works, & more!
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[Events] BSLBATT Lifepo4 48V Battery Is Compatible With Victron Inverter
Produced by Wisdom Industrial Power Co. Ltd. BSLBATT LiFePO4 48V battery and Victron have been tested and are now compatible with each other. If you are a fan of Victron, this is good news for you!
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BSLBATT Batteries are Now Compatible with STUDER INNOTEC Inverters
BSLBATT storage battery 2.4-153.6kWh has passed Studer Innotec's compatibility test: B-LEP 24V and 48V home battery products are now compatible.
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Why Do More and More Families Choose Photovoltaic Systems?
Solar energy is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the energy released by the sun far exceeds the energy we need to power everything on earth;Photovoltaic systems are a great way to offset energy costs, reduce the household's environmental impact, and provide many other benefits, such as supporting local businesses and promoting energy independence.
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[Notice] What Are The Best Uses For Products Like Tesla's Powerwall?
Lithium-ion technology is frequently being pushed into new frontiers, and those advancements are increasing our potential to live more environmentally friendly and economically savvy lives. Renewable batteries like Tesla’s Powerwall can change our electricity consumption habits. What is the best way to use these products? Let’s take Tesla’s Powerwall, a lithium-ion home battery, for example.
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[Press Release] Home Energy Management Systems – a smart way to save?
Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is a very useful power distribution management system, an indispensable part of construction technology, whenever you want to intelligently and optimally use the solar energy of your own photovoltaic system. Home Energy Management System (HEMS) helps manage power demand to optimize energy consumption and distributed renewable energy generation without compromising consumer comfort.
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[Press Release] Home Battery Backup Power Supply Reduces Network Expansion Costs
With the help of home battery backup power supply, solar energy can be fed in in a grid-optimized manner. Due to the reduced feed power during peak hours, the demand for other necessary network expansions has dropped significantly, especially at low voltage levels..
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[Notice] How to Choose Your Own Solar System in Australia?
the installation of solar energy in Australia is divided into three important components, one is solar panels, the second is inverter, and the third is energy storage battery. To put it simply, the former converts light energy into direct current, the latter converts direct current into alternating current, which is sent to home appliances or the grid. The main function of energy storage batteries is to store excess electricity during the day and pass it through at night. The discharge of energy storage batteries maintains the operation of household electrical appliances, so as to achieve the 24-hour recycling of clean energy, and can reduce electricity costs, reduce the pressure on the government's power grid, and turn each family into an independent off-grid solar system.
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[Press Release] How long will a powerwall last?
The past year 2020 has seen frequent hill fires in many parts of the world. In the United States, while fires are part of California's natural landscape, extreme weather exacerbated by climate change has made wildfires even worse. Back in January 2019, a California state order went into effect requi
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​What Is A Residential Energy Storage System?
The residential energy storage system is a smart solution that can store the power of the solar panel on the battery for you to use when you need it at home!Choosing the method of solar energy plus residential batteries can maximize the use of solar energy. At the same time, this method will bring us many benefits. For example, when the weather is bad and the power grid is out of power, spare residential batteries can become our source of electricity. With the rapid rise of residential energy storage technology, the number of household energy storage around the world is also increasing. This growth not only relieves the pressure on the power grid, but also can transmit the solar energy stored by households to the power grid, bringing more economic benefits to users !
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