Meet Powerwall, your wall-mounted home battery.

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Home battery backup system

  • BSLBATT 48V 100AH LiFePO4 Power Wall Home Battery ESS Energy Storage System
    The Home Battery Backup Power (48V LiFePo4 Powerwall Battery)
    Powerwall Battery is a high-tech product developed to meet the requirements of the new home backup power supply. It has the characteristics of integration, miniaturization, light weight, intelligence, standardization, and environmental protection.BSL-48V-100Ah has a lithium (LiFePO4) battery storage capacity of 5kWh, allowing you to stay away from the grid as you like.
  • BSLBATT 15KWH Lithium Powerwall Battery
    NEW at BSLBATT Lithium Powerwall! The BSLBATT Lithium PowerWall Series energy storage system provides a 15 Kilowatt-hour battery in a single package. Up to 14 units can be used together for additional capacity. The PowerWall Series has been designed for trouble-free mounting and is easy to connect with other system components.
  • Home Battery Storage Solar 7.5Kwh 48V Lithium Ion Battery 150Ah BSLBATT One Machine ESS with Inverter
    The 48v 150Ah Lithium-Ion Battery with an 5.5kW inverter, adopt All in one home battery storage solar system.It saves the connection time between the inverter and the home battery, and is the best choice as a home battery backup system.The capacity of a single battery pack is 7.5kWh, and can be expanded up to 15 groups. This energy storage system can provide power to connected loads by utilizing PV power, utility power and battery power and store surplus energy generated from PV solar modules for use when needed. 
  • 420W Residential Off-grid Solar Kits with Batteries
    Our stand-alone 420W off-grid solar kit is usually used where higher power generation is required. The applications of BSLBATT 5 kWh off the grid solar power kits include remote houses, home offices, summer houses, workshops, static caravans, stables and outbuildings. Each kit is designed for quick and easy installation and includes all cables and connectors and a VICTRON Phoenix power inverter to provide a pure sine wave AC 230V power supply through the provided DC battery.
  • 10KWH 48v 200AH Deep Cycle Lifepo4 Battery Powerwall For Home Solar Storage System
    The BSLBATT wall-mounted Home battery is an intelligent 10kWh (9.6kWh usable) residential energy storage appliance that offers homeowners the ability to store power generated by an onsite solar system or from the grid for use as an emergency home battery backup. Despite its attraction as an emergency power device, Powerwall was designed from the ground up as a way for homeowners with onsite solar systems to extend the power they generate during daylight hours into the night.
Since 2003, BSLBATT provides electric energy more efficiently and reliably as best solution. Powerwall charges by day and powers at night for residential solar system with compact, affordable and easy installation features.

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