• 15kWh Lithium Battery 307.2V High Voltage LiFePO4 For Solar
  • 15kWh Lithium Battery 307.2V High Voltage LiFePO4 For Solar
  • 15kWh Lithium Battery 307.2V High Voltage LiFePO4 For Solar
  • 15kWh Lithium Battery 307.2V High Voltage LiFePO4 For Solar
    15kWh Lithium Battery 307.2V High Voltage LiFePO4 For Solar
    The Luminova 15K is a high voltage LiFePO4 battery system that has a wide range of applications in various residential solar systems. With a large storage capacity of 15kWh, the lithium battery can be used as a reliable and efficient energy storage solution to help homeowners maximize the use of renewable energy.
    • Luminova 15K
    • Product Description
    Product Description

    15kWh Lithium Battery HV - Luminova15K

    This 15kWh battery storage utilizes a different high voltage LiFePO4 scheme than 48V, and features sophisticated internals and components including multiple Tier One, A+ Cells and an intelligent control system, making it a rugged and efficient energy storage solution for residential solar applications. With its sophisticated design and unique blend of materials, the cell offers the optimal balance of performance, safety and longevity to meet the diverse energy storage needs of homeowners.

    From storing excess solar energy for nighttime or low-light use to providing backup power in the event of a grid outage, this high-voltage solar battery meets a wide range of energy needs in the modern home. Its compatibility with different solar hybrid inverters and energy management systems further enhances its versatility, enabling seamless integration and optimized energy management of residential solar systems.

    Features of High Voltage LiFePO4 Luminova15K

    Safe and reliable

       • Redundant protection design for all-round protection

       • High quality power output

       • LiFePO4 electrochemical, safety and environmental protection, higher stability

       • IP65 protection level for reliable operation

    High voltage and high efficiency design


       • 307.2V high voltage design

       • High conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

       • TI embedded design, very low standby power consumption

       • Support well high-voltage single-phase or three-phase inverters

    Modular and stackable

       • Can be connected in series to ensure high efficiency

       • Well-connected to provide more power

       • Parallel connection of up to 6 HV Battery Pack strings, max. 95.82 kWh

       • Simple and flexible, adaptable to different scenarios

    Multiple interfaces to support cloud-based system

       • RS485, CAN and other communication interfaces

       • Support remote online upgrade, simple maintenance

       • Support cloud system, accurate to each group of electric core operation

       • Support Bluetooth WiFi function

    Specification of Luminova10K

    ModelLuminova 15K
    Nominal Voltage(V)307.2
    Rated Capacity(Ah)52
    Cell Model(LFP-3.2V)3.2V 52Ah 32S1P
    Pack Configuration1P96S
    Rate Power(kWh)15.97
    Voltage Pange(Vdc)268-350V
    Float Charge Voltage330V
    Charging Current35A
    Max Discharging45A
    Chargie Over Current40A
    Dischargie Over Current50A
    Internal Impedance≤300mΩ
    Communication ProtocolCAN(500Kb/s)/RS485(9600bS)/WIFI/4G/Bluetooth
    Host SoftwareRS485
    Operation Temperature RangeCharge:0~55℃  Disharge:-10~55℃
    Storage Temperature0℃~25℃
    Cycle Life≥6000 Cycles@25℃,80%DOD,60%EOL
    Protection LevelIP65
    Battery Life≥15 years
    Warranty10 years