BSLBATT 48V Lithium Battery Earns GoodWe Inverter Listing

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BSLBATT, the world's leading battery manufacturer, is pleased to announce that our 48V lithium batteries have now been successfully listed in the newsletter of GoodWe, a top 10 global hybrid inverter brand. This signifies GoodWe's high level of recognition of BSLBATT and the quality of our products, bringing the world's best energy storage technology into the daily lives of consumers.

BSL Listed by goodwe

Compatible Inverter Models:

ES Series

ES G2 Series

Compatible Battery Models:

B-LFP48 Series

PowerLine Series

BSLBATT 48V lithium batteries lead the industry with superior technology and design. We use A+ grade Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) electrochemicals from the world's top three cell brands, such as EVE and REPT, and we select the highest quality materials in order to create high quality batteries with excellence. The modular design of these batteries allows our products to be quickly and flexibly expanded to enhance performance and meet more power needs.

Joining Forces to Shape the Future of Energy Storage

"GoodWe is a leader in the solar energy storage industry, and their choice to include BSLBATT batteries on their newsletter list reflects their full trust and recognition of the quality of our products." BSLBATT Software Engineer Zhou Zhang said, "It means that our batteries can now be combined with GoodWe's excellent hybrid inverters to form a more cost-effective, superior quality product portfolio that will serve consumers better."

Goodwe and BSLBATT 48V lithium battery

In addition, this momentous occasion has far-reaching implications for BSLBATT's business objectives. Combined with GoodWe's technical rigor and endless innovation, we look forward to expanding our market presence, increasing sales, and better serving our customers with superior products and services.

As we continue to invest in R&D and innovation to meet the growing demand for home energy storage and renewable energy from consumers around the world, BSLBATT will continue to contribute to the global green energy industry with our in-depth understanding of electrochemical and physical sciences, as well as the refinement and specialization of our technologies.

About GoodWe

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Suzhou Hi-Tech Zone, GoodWe Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to being an integrated solution provider offering a broad portfolio of products including inverters, Li-ion batteries, photovoltaic building materials, electric vehicle chargers and smart energy management systems.


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, BSLBATT is committed to providing customers with the best lithium battery solutions, specializing in the research, development, design, production and manufacturing of lithium battery products in different fields. 48V lithium batteries are currently sold and installed in more than 50 countries around the globe, bringing power backup and reliable power supply to more than 90,000 residences.