• 30kWh Battery 51.2V 600Ah LiFePO4 Outdoor Cabinet
    BSLBATT 30kWh Battery system for Solar Storage, designed to provide efficient and sustainable power to serve various applications from homes and farms to commercial stores. Comprised of 6* 51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 rack batteries expertly integrated and housed within an aesthetic and compact cabinet, it is not only high-performing but also effectively designed around your space efficiency and visual appeal.
  • 100Ah Lifepo4 48V Battery Pack 5 kWh Solar Battery for Home
    48V 100Ah 5kWh Lithium ion Battery - B-LFP48-100E
    BSLBATT 48V 5.12 kWh batteries are widely used in grid-connected or off-grid solar battery storage systems, and can be extended to any large-scale home or commercial system. Using the latest LiFePo4 battery, LiFePo4 battery life cycle is much longer than other types of lithium batteries, reducing maintenance costs in use. Deep cycle 48V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery module can be used with the most popular inverter.
  • 10kWh Battery IP65 Power Wall LiFePO4 48V 200Ah For Home
    IP65 / UL 1973
    BSLBATT 10kWh Battery Power wall is a home battery for solar energy storage. It is reliable, intelligent and safe, can be widely used in off-grid or hybrid systems, helping owners to cut peaks and fill valleys, reduce electricity bills, or smoothly survive power outages. The housing adopts IP65 and can be used for indoor or outdoor installation. 
  • 100kWh / 200kWh / 215kWh Battery System for Commercial Energy Storage
    ESS-GRID C100/C200/C215 are BSLBATT's standard 100kWh/200kWh/215kWh battery storage systems designed for industrial and commercial applications such as Peak Shift, Energy Backup, Demand Response, and Increased PV Ownership. The system consists of PCS, EMS, LiFePO4 battery packs and high voltage control system, as well as fire protection and cooling systems, making it a turnkey solution that can be supplied directly to the end customer.
  • 15kWh Lithium Battery 307.2V High Voltage LiFePO4 For Solar
    The Luminova 15K is a high voltage LiFePO4 battery system that has a wide range of applications in various residential solar systems. With a large storage capacity of 15kWh, the lithium battery can be used as a reliable and efficient energy storage solution to help homeowners maximize the use of renewable energy.
  • 153V - 1500V Battey Pack LiFePO4 High Voltage
    BSLBATT High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery Pack is a high voltage battery storage system designed for indoor use. The entire HV PACK can be scaled up in units of 5.12kWh to a maximum of 890.88 kWh, which is suitable for residential, medium-sized industrial and commercial applications, UPS and other scenarios.