BSL Battery BOX

48V lithium battery pack

BSL Battery Box has two installation methods, wall-mounted and stacked, to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and save space. A single Powerwall battery has a capacity of 5kWh, and can easily reach a capacity of 30kWh through expansion. It is the best choice for off-grid solar systems!

Storms, grid overloads, and maintenance work can all cause power outages. Therefore, you can always rely on the backup power source from the BSLBATT home power station, which will automatically switch to emergency power operation within a few seconds, which is a good thing in the event of a power failure.

  • High Voltage Storage Stackable LiFePo4 Battery 20-40kWh Home Solar System
    204.8V ~ 409.6V / 20.48 kWh - 40.96 kWh
    The PowerGrid HVS is the latest version of High voltage battery storage system provided by BSLBATT to increase the self-consumption rate of the PV system. The compact and slim design is the main feature of the PowerGrid HVS, and the battery is connected in a plug-and-play way without extra wiring harnesses, reducing installation time!
  • High Voltage Lithium ion Battery Residential Solar Batteries 10kWh-30kWh for Solar System
    High Voltage Lithium ion Battery

    The BSL-BOXHEV is a fully scalable, modular residential solar battery storage solution based on high voltage lithium ion batteries, with a usable battery capacity of 10.24 kWh for the base unit and expandable in 5.12 kWh increments to a maximum series capacity of 30.72 kWh. The maximum series capacity is 30.72 kWh. The BSL-BOXHEV is very easy to install, weighing only 50KG per module, and requires only two professionals to complete all installations.