• 5 kWh Lithium ion Battery Ultra-thin Solar Powerwall 48V 100Ah Battery For Home
    5 kWh Lithium ion Battery Ultra-thin Solar Powerwall 48V 100Ah Battery For Home
    5 kWh Lithium ion Battery

    We know that you care about the environment and want to be as green as possible. But you also care about convenience and saving money. That's why we've come up with a solution for you. The BSLBATT ultra-thin solar Powerwall battery is the newest idea for sustainable energy storage at home, which is less than 9 cm thick and can be installed anywhere in your home, seamlessly blending in with your home's aesthetic. 5 kWh Lithium ion battery can be connected in parallel up to 15 units, perfect for those cloudy days when there's no sunlight.
    • PowerLine-5kWh
    • Product Description
    Product Description

    PowerLine - 5.12kWh Lithium Battery

    The BSLBATT 5 kWh lithium-ion battery home PV energy storage system can be stably connected to a variety of inverters. powerLine can reach 6000 cycles @90% DOD. It is one of the best choices for home battery backup; you can choose a single wall mount or multiple parallel connections. BSLBATT solar poewerwall battery has the experience and advanced technology to provide emergency backup power for your home. It features innovative design, high energy, high power density, long service life, easy installation and expansion. Know more form "BSLBATT Shows Ultra-thin (<9cm) Wall Battery for Solar Storage"   Related Products: 10kWh Battery PowerLine -10

    - 50% Installation Space

    Want to save space and reduce clutter in your home? BSLBATT 5kWh battery is the solution you've been looking for! Our wall-mounted home battery saves you 50% of installation space while still delivering top-notch performance.

    5X Cycle Life

    Tired of constantly replacing your home battery? BSLBATT 5kWh battery has a 5X cycle life compared to traditional home batteries, meaning you'll have to replace it far less often.

    3X Watt Density

    Need a high-performance home battery that won't let you down? BSLBATT 5kWh battery has 3X the Watt Density of traditional home batteries, providing you with reliable and consistent power.

    +10% Energy Density

    Looking to get more energy out of your home battery? BSLBATT 5kWh battery has a +10% energy density, allowing you to get the most out of every charge.

    - 20% Cost

    Want to save money without sacrificing quality? BSLBATT 5kWh battery is 20% less expensive than traditional home batteries, without sacrificing any of the features or benefits you need.

    5kWh powerline battery 5kWh lithium ion battery


    The BSLBATT 5.12kWh lithium battery is a 48V 100Ah Lithium ion (LFP) Battery with a built-in battery management system and 100A BMS supports the following communications Canbus / RS485 / RS232, of which canbus and RS485A are responsible for communication with the inverter, RS232 is responsible for communication with the BMS host computer above, and at the same time as a BMS software upgrade interface, RS485 is responsible for parallel communication between BMSs. 

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    The advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) technology operates a wider temperature range to deliver the most dependable performance. LFP has been proven to be one of the safest Lithium technologies in the industry and is manufactured to the highest standards.

    The BSLBATT 5kWh lithium ion battery is maintenance-free and easy to integrate with solar or for independent operation to deliver power to your home day or night. Designed for backup power, off-grid, time of use, and self-use applications, the BSLBATT is consistently reliable and will keep your solar system operating during a power outage, or will use the energy stored from the daytime to power your home at night.

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    The built-in battery management system integrates with multilevel safety features including 

     Overcharge and deep discharge protection

     Voltage and temperature observation

    Over current protection

    Cell monitoring and balancing

    √ Over-heat protection. 

    This high-performance BSLBATT Home Lithium Battery has a large power capacity, with a fast charging and continuous discharge power, providing 98% efficiency.

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    Product Highlights

    Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous Cobalt-Free LFP Chemistry

    ● No Thermal Runaway with Fire Propagation

    ● No Heat Generation, Mitigation, Thermal Monitoring or Toxic Cooling

    ● Extended Operating Temperature -4 to 140F

    ● 98% Efficiency Rate

    ● Fast Charge & Discharge Rates

    ● 6000 Cycle Life with a 12 Year Warranty

    ● Cycle One to Several Times Per Day

    ● The LED screen displays voltage, current, temperature and other information, which is convenient for users to check;

    ● Seamless Integration with All Industry Standard Inverter/Charge Controllers

    ● Built-In Safety – BMS with Breaker On/Off Switch for Shipping & Installation

    ● Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance

    ● Made in China.

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    Product model PowerLine-5kWh
    Nom. voltage 51.2V
    Nom. capacity 100Ah
    Combination method 1P16S
    Charging voltage 58.4V
    Charge Current Continuous:50A Max:100A
    Discharge Current Continuous Current:100A
    Factory voltage 50.4V-53.6V
    Self-discharge rate < 2.5%/month
    Charging temperature 0°C-+65°C
    Discharge temperature 20°C-+65°C
    Dimension 670*540*90+1mm
    Certification CE, IEC62619, UN38.3, MSDS, UL1973, ROHS
    Weight 50+1KG


    “BSLBATT batteries eliminated the most difficult challenges we face when building microgrids in remote tropical locations. The batteries are much easier to transport and they have a good chance of lasting the entire 20 years. This means BSLBATT batteries generally pay for themselves in under 4 years!”