• 100kWh 512V 205Ah Commercial Solar Battery Storage
    100kWh 512V 205Ah Commercial Solar Battery Storage
    ESS-GRID B100 is the standard solution of BSLBATT for microgrid, commercial and industrial energy storage, which can meet various scenarios such as community power generation, off-grid devices on isolated islands, and farms using solar power. It adopts safe and reliable LiFePO4 battery with 512V and 205Ah capacity, and is compatible with high-voltage three-phase inverters and commercial and industrial PCS.
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    Product Description

    Exploring the Latest Innovations in Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage

    BSLBATT 100 kWh Energy Storage System Technical Solution

    BSLBATT ESS-GRID series offers a cutting-edge commercial and industrial energy storage system designed to meet the needs of high-power applications. Our system features a 68kWh / 100kWh battery capacity and is specifically engineered to deliver reliable, long-lasting power to industrial and commercial operations.

    The system is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, with advanced software algorithms that optimize battery usage and ensure optimal performance. Our energy storage system is built with the latest technology and materials, providing a safe and durable solution that is easy to install and maintain.

    Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that each customer receives a customized energy storage solution that meets their unique requirements and delivers the highest level of performance and reliability.

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    What Application Scenarios Does ESS-GRID Support?

    Backup power for critical operations: The battery can provide reliable backup power to critical operations, such as data centers or hospitals, in the event of a power outage or other disruption.

    Load shifting: The battery can be used to shift energy consumption to off-peak hours, when electricity prices are lower. This can help reduce energy costs for industrial and commercial operations.

    Peak shaving: The battery can be used to shave peak demand charges during periods of high energy usage. This can help reduce electricity bills for businesses that have high peak demand charges.

    Renewable energy integration: The battery can be used to store excess energy generated by renewable sources, such as solar or wind power. This can help increase the use of renewable energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

    Voltage regulation: The battery can be used to help regulate voltage on the electrical grid, which can improve the stability and reliability of the grid.

    Microgrid support: The battery can be used as part of a microgrid to provide reliable power to a localized area, such as a remote community or military base.

    100kWh solar system


    Turnkey solution: We can provide you with energy storage converter PCS, EMS lamp multiple adapters.

    Easy to assemble: The battery system is installed with rack-mounted battery j. Each module weighs 65Kg, and all components can be easily installed by only two people.

    Intelligent monitoring panel: The high voltage control box is displayed with a display for monitoring the whole system, which includes checking the authenticity of all system data and controlling the air conditioning system.

    Scalable: Currently the ESS-GRID series only supports a maximum of two parallel connections, but our technology does not stop advancing and we will make it a more flexible solution for commercial and industrial energy storage.

    ESS-GRID Series Energy Storage System Specifications

    Series and parallel 160S2P 160S1P


    Rated capacity 134Ah 205Ah


    Rated voltage DC512V DC512V


    Operating voltage range 400V~584V 400V~584V 440V~642.4V
    Operating voltage range 448V~560V 448V~560V


    Rated capacity 68.6kWh 104.9kWh


    Rated charge current 130A 205A 280A
    Rated discharge current 130A 205A 280A
    Peak current 160A(25℃,SOC50%,10S) 410A(25℃,SOC50%,10S)


    Ip grade IP20 IP20


    discharge temp. -20℃~55℃


    Charge temp. 0℃~45℃ 0℃~45℃


    Size 1132*625*14930(±2mm) 1012*720*1943(±10mm) 1000*850*1949(±3mm)
    Structure 10 batteries + a high-voltage control boxx 11 batteries + a high-voltage control boxx