BSLBATT Introduces High-Voltage Rack Battery for Commercial Energy Storage

Views: 45     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-05      Origin: Site


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BSLBATT, a premier lithium battery manufacturer headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, proudly unveils its innovative high-voltage rack battery solution tailored for small-scale commercial and industrial energy storage—the LiFePO4 HV Pack energy storage solution. Specifically engineered to address the nuanced requirements of energy storage projects concerning capacity, voltage, and power output, the ESS-GRID HV Pack seamlessly integrates with high-voltage single-phase or three-phase inverters or PCS. This sophisticated solution caters to applications such as peak load shifting, backup power, enhanced PV utilization, demand response, and PV-diesel generator optimization across diverse sectors including agriculture, schools, hospitals, hotels, animal husbandry, warehousing, communities, solar parks, and UPS.

HV PACK Commercial energy storage

The ESS-GRID HV PACK comprises multiple rack-mounted battery modules, allowing effortless installation and removal without the need for cumbersome equipment, thereby reducing both installation time and costs. The high-voltage control box boasts a wide voltage range, supporting an expansion capability ranging from 51.2V to 1500V, accommodating up to 6 strings of batteries in parallel. This flexibility empowers customers with varying energy requirements to seamlessly combine products.

LinPeng, Chief Engineer of BSLBATT, underscores the recommendation for HV battery solutions in small-scale industrial and commercial solar energy storage systems. HV batteries exhibit superior charging and discharging speeds compared to LV batteries, addressing the rapid surge in voltage and power demand during the startup of large loads in commercial and industrial sectors. Simultaneously, the lower current mitigates excess heat generation, ensuring an extended battery lifespan.

"The ESS-GRID HV PACK, built on 51.2V 100Ah rack modules, offers a scalable solution for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Customers can rely on its provision of reliable, stable, high-performance, clean, and sustainable power. To underscore our commitment to quality, BSLBATT provides a 10-year warranty and technical service, maximizing the utility of this energy storage battery throughout its lifespan," LinPeng states.

High voltage LiFepo4 Battery

Safety remains paramount, particularly when dealing with high voltages. BSLBATT prioritizes safety through comprehensive measures. The installation process is supported by a professional manual, urging the use of specialized tools to prevent accidents. Each rack-mounted battery module features an integrated fire extinguishing device, complementing the inherent safety of LiFePO4 batteries. While LiFePO4 batteries are inherently safe, BSLBATT's professional team remains vigilant, proactively addressing potential concerns to ensure a secure operating environment.


BSLBATT's introduction of the LiFePO4 HV Pack heralds a new era in commercial energy storage solutions. With a keen focus on performance, flexibility, and safety, this innovative offering reflects BSLBATT's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses across sectors. As we navigate the evolving landscape of energy storage, BSLBATT stands as a reliable partner, empowering businesses with reliable, efficient, and sustainable power solutions.