• All in one Battery 5Kwh 10kWh 48V Lithium Ion Battery ESS with Inverter BSLBATT
    Looking for a reliable and efficient clean energy storage solution? Look no further than BSLBATT All in One Battery! Our integrated hybrid inverter allows you to store electricity from any solar panel, while our lithium-ion battery system ensures long-lasting performance. Plus, our electrical protection device provides added safety and peace of mind. This battery is perfect for homes that need backup power or want to lower their power costs. Each solar battery has a capacity of 5.12kWh, but can be expanded to meet your home's needs up to 81.92kWh. So whether you're looking for energy backup, peak load shifting, or maximum PV self-consumption, our All in One Battery has you covered!
  • Off-grid Solar Kits with Batteries For Home 10kW
    Will this 10KW Off-grid Solar Kits with Batteries power my home?
    For most households in the United States, this 10-kilowatt solar system kit is enough to power your home and eliminate monthly electricity bills.
    Off-grid solar power systems harvest energy from sunlight and store it in battery packs for use in structures that cannot be reached by the main grid. In most off-grid solar installations, current is drawn from the battery through a DC-AC solar inverter. Then use AC power to power home appliances, combined with a good energy use plan, to meet many needs of off-grid homes or other structures.
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter 5kW - HI/B-LFP48-Home
    HI/B-LFP48-Home is a Hybrid Solar Inverter 5kW system. The modified series is a new type of hybrid solar energy storage inverter control integrated machine that integrates solar energy storage & mains charging energy storage and AC sine wave output. DSP control, through advanced control algorithm, has the characteristics of high response speed, high reliability and high industrialization standards. There are 4 optional charging modes: solar only, mains priority, solar energy priority, and mains & solar; two output modes of inverter and mains are optional to meet different application needs.
  • All in one Battery 2.5KWh 5kWh 24 Volt Solar Battery ESS with Inverter BSLBATT
    All in one battery is BSLBATT's low-voltage battery storage system for indoor or outdoor installations with a canopy. It uses a 24V lithium battery pack, available in 2.5kWh and 5kWh capacities, and can be expanded through a modular design concept. With the All in one battery, a high degree of energy self-sufficiency is now possible, which will significantly reduce your electricity bill. With home solar installations, homeowners can perfect their PV installations to continue to power their homes in the event of a power outage or blackout. In the event of a power failure, the storage system will automatically switch to island operation, thus ensuring power supply. BSLBATT All-in-one battery system is available for all brands of solar panels.
  • Home Battery Backup Power Supply Lifepo4 48V 100AH 5kwh Lithium Battery For Solar Storage Systems
    The BSLBATT BLS-12.8KWH Energy Storage System utilizes the Iron Phosphate battery in a modular design. BSLBATT has been designing, manufacturing, and deploying high-performance batteries globally since 2003. Building on this platform of proven technology with the same degree of expertise, quality, and innovation, the BSLBATT 12.8KWH Lithium battery offers a dynamic and flexible solution for any commercial project.Lifepo4 48V Lithium Battery has a capacity of 5Kwh, which can be expanded to increase the capacity and is specially made for Solar Storage Systems!
  • Solar Battery Backup System for Home 20kWh Lithium ion Battery LiFePo4 Powerwall
    The BSLBATT B-LEP48V-400PW is an intelligent 20kWh (20.48kWh usable) solar battery backup system for home appliances. Combined with your solar system, you can reduce the consumption of electricity from the public grid by up to 90%, enabling so-called "local production, local consumption". You achieve optimum solar power storage utilization at all times. Since the home solar battery backup system is operated in parallel with the grid, you only draw the amount of electricity from the grid that may be required in addition to the storage electricity. This saves you money - in view of the electricity prices - and makes a valuable contribution to reducing the environmental pollution.