5 Reasons to Buy Off Grid Powerwall Batteries

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off grid powerwall battery

With the implementation of policies and the development of lithium battery technology, home energy storage systems have become an indelible myth. Lithium-ion battery storage systems stand out as the most mature technology that can cope with rapid and short-lived grid imbalances, so what's the reason why you must invest in off grid Powerwall batteries?

1. Relieving Pressure on The Grid

As the population grows, so does electricity consumption, and most of the grid facilities are already relatively old and find it difficult to carry the larger loads. The failure to adapt the grid to its function as a virtual energy store is already being felt by prosumers.

The consequences of an overloaded grid are the inability to draw energy at the same time and the disconnection of photovoltaic installations from the system. Therefore, stabilising the grid and eliminating the losses accompanying the interruption of solar energy production becomes unavoidable.

The solution to this problem is to relieve the load on the grid by increasing self-consumption. Home energy storage is one of the cheaper methods of upgrading infrastructure and is an easy-to-implement countermeasure. While it is not possible to store all the energy generated by an installation, ongoing developments in technology now make it possible to store much more energy and more cheaply than ever before. Shifting the load from the grid to prosumer storage will result in increased system flexibility and improved grid reliability.  

2. Reducing Electricity Bills

Off grid powerwall batteries can save by increasing the self-consumption of solar energy, thereby minimizing the amount of energy coming from the grid. By storing the surplus energy produced by the photovoltaic installation and using it at times of increased demand for electricity, we save 20-30% of the energy we would have lost to the grid as storage costs for our energy.

In this way, not only do we permanently reduce our electricity bills, but we also gain a greater degree of independence from increases in the distribution network operator's tariff. We can expect them, because as the popularity of RES increases, the grid will be overloaded and it is possible that prosumers will be charged for its modernisation.

In addition, it is possible to adjust the operation of energy storage to the optimal use of tariffs according to which we settle with the distribution company, including in the near future, dynamic tariffs, which also represents savings.

battery bank backup for home

3. Increased Energy Security

Some of the appliances in the house require continuous power supply, so when we do not have electricity, there is a problem. When there is no mains energy supply during the day they can be powered by the on-going energy produced by the photovoltaic system, but it is at night that the off grid powerwall battery really kicks in.

Many solar wall batteries allow the photovoltaic plant to operate during a grid failure. This is possible thanks to the UPS function, or uninterruptible power supply. At the moment of a mains failure, some loads or the entire installation can be powered by the energy stored in the lithium solar batteries. Ensuring energy security is particularly important for people whose loved ones use specialised medical equipment that supports their health or even life. It is also useful for people who work remotely on important projects or who need a reliable communication link.

4. Energy Independence

Independence from the energy company - regulations, supply interruptions or increases - is an unquestionable advantage of off grid Powerwall battery. It is also a great convenience and support for inhabitants of villages and sparsely populated areas where power cuts are the order of the day. The situation is similar in the case of storms or floods, which disrupt networks and cause power shortages lasting up to several days. Island installations, on the other hand, give independence to owners of holiday cottages and allotments who wish to use energy away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Contribution to A Green Future

Investment in off grid Powerwall battery supports the energy transition and the move away from environmentally destructive and climate-changing energy. Renewable energy sources require constant balancing of consumption with production of energy, so their development is difficult without energy storage system(ess). By equipping your photovoltaic installation with off grid Powerwall battery, you personally make a contribution to a sustainable energy future based on green energy production.

The need for grid flexibility poses a real problem today, and there are multiple answers to this problem. Among them, lithium-ion battery energy storage systems seem to be best suited to ensure grid structural stability to cope with short-term grid imbalances. In order to contribute to the development of green energy, BSLBATT off grid powerwall battery can store excess energy for home solar systems and we are looking for reliable distributor partners to change the world together, join the BSLBATT distributor network today.