You Asked for It - We Did It! BSLBATT Has Completed an Upgrade to Its Home Battery BMS

Views: 520     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-29      Origin: Site


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With the advancement of energy transition associated with the global renewable energy and electric vehicle mega-trends, the global demand for energy storage is growing. BSLBATT believes that lithium-ion battery storage solutions are the core pillar of energy transition, so it never stops exploring in lithium-ion battery technology, and this upgrade to BMS is significant for products in residential and commercial and industrial energy storage.

power wall battery

What are the highlights of this upgrade?

1. The number of parallel connections reaches 30 Units

2. One protocol can be compatible with up to 12 inverter models

The above features are available for all low voltage battery products!

Founded in 2012, BSLBATT, a Chinese lithium battery manufacturer, has been adhering to the goal of providing the best lithium battery solutions for our customers. Since we launched our products in the home energy storage field in 2018, we have been very concerned about the feedback from our distributors and customers, and hope to get inspiration from their suggestions to improve or upgrade our products. This time we bring a new heavy duty product upgrade based on the biggest call from the market, this BMS upgrade is groundbreaking for BSLBATT's energy storage products!

The Scalability of The Battery Has Been Enhanced

The significance of battery energy storage is to reduce CO2 emissions for a better planet, but back to the essence of life, its greatest significance is to help people solve the problem of electricity, without which they cannot enjoy a modern life. Lithium solar batteries bring flexibility to home energy to ensure uninterrupted power for consumers anytime, anywhere, and this flexibility is critical for both reliability and resilience.

But for the vast majority of users, such as those in power instability or with greater requirements for the use of lithium solar batteries, one or two 10kWh batteries simply do not meet their power needs. In order to reduce the need to keep vital equipment running stably, they want more battery capacity, for their farms, workshops, stores, hotels. So if the solar lithium battery has more powerful expansion ability, they also have more choices. In order to meet the needs of this part of customers, the expansion capacity of BSLBATT battery has been upgraded, from the previous maximum parallel connection of 16 batteries to the current maximum parallel connection of 30 batteries, we have doubled the expansion capacity.

One Protocol Can Match 12 Inverter Models

This technology upgrade is very important for BSLBATT batteries, we have some dealers who sell multiple inverters at the same time, such as Victron, Growatt, Deye, etc., but the protocols of these inverters are all different, so for most of the dealers, they usually only buy batteries with one of the protocols, but this will limit their business because If you buy a battery with the Victron protocol, it will not be compatible with Growatt's inverters.

This problem exists for many battery brands, not just BSLBATT, so it is a technical problem we have been trying to break through for a long time. Now we are proud to announce that we have broken this technical challenge and BSLBATT batteries are now able to match 12 inverter models with one protocol.

RS485 Port: SRNE, Growatt, LuxPower, Deye, Victron

Can Port: Deye, Growatt, Victron, Goodwe, SMA, Studer, Sofar

solar Powerwall battery

A secure and seamless energy supply based on renewable energy sources is not possible without technologically advanced lithium-ion energy storage solutions. However, only in combination with energy storage can 100% energy conversion be achieved. With its lithium-ion battery storage system, BSLBATT offers a superb level of high performance lithium solar battery technology.

The competitive advantages of BSLBATT's lithium solar batteries also include:

 ● Over 6,000 cycles of life

 ● IP65 waterproof housing

 ● Heat dissipation design and extended battery life

 ● Intelligent BMS with software detection of battery status

 ● Three second duration, 15kW power rating

 ● 1C charge/discharge rate

With its products, BSLBATT demonstrates what a "Made in China" lithium battery storage solution means.

High quality combined with advanced technology, economy, reliability, performance, energy efficiency, stability and durability. Here at BSLBATT, we follow the philosophy of providing our customers with the "The best lithium battery solutions" and we want to achieve the best quality throughout their lifetime at the best price. BSLBATT has always focused on innovation and is one of the fastest growing solar brands in the world. Send a message to to learn more about BSLBATT.