High Voltage Stackable Residential Battery
PowerPeak HVS is a high-voltage stackable residential battery for home solar systems. At just 14 cm thick, the system is the world's thinnest high-voltage battery system.
 3 - 9 Modules in Series
 230.4V - 691.2V
 12.21kWh - 36.63kWh
 8000 Cycles @80% DOD
PowerPeak HVS is the third star in the BSLBATT ultra-slim series. The ultra-slim body design can save more indoor space, the wide voltage range of 230.4V-691.2V can meet all the high-voltage three-phase inverters on the market, and the exquisite appearance design is more in line with the design concept of household appliances!
9 modules
In series
10 groups
In parallel