Where should I install off grid solar battery systems?

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Off grid solar battery systems requires certain environmental conditions for optimal function and long service life. We give you tips for the best installation location.

One of the key issues to consider when looking to install off grid solar battery system is where to put it.

Basically, you should adhere to the manufacturer's specifications for your off grid solar battery backup for photovoltaics (PV). This is also important for the warranty. In the operating and installation instructions, you will find information about the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity) that must be observed. This also applies to distances to walls and other furnishings in the installation room. The main concern here is to ensure that the heat generated during operation can be sufficiently dissipated.

off grid solar battery systems

If you want to install the power storage unit in a boiler room, you should pay attention to the minimum distance to heat and ignition sources specified by the solar battery manufacturer. It may also be that installation in a boiler room is generally prohibited. You are on the safe side if you have the off grid solar battery system installed by a specialist company. The electrical connection to the power grid of your house, through which you can also feed the electricity into the public grid, may only be carried out by a certified electrician. The expert will inspect your house in advance and determine a suitable installation site.

In addition, the following factors influence the suitable installation location for off grid solar battery systems:

Space requirement

Off grid storage batteries and the associated electronics (charge controller, inverter) are offered in various designs. They are available as compact units that are mounted on the wall or stand on the floor in the form of a cabinet. Larger off grid energy storage systems consist of several lithium battery modules. In any case, the installation site must provide enough space for the installation of the off grid solar battery backup. Several modules should be placed so close to each other that the connecting cables are not longer than 1 meter.

The off grid solar battery system has a heavyweight of 100 kilograms and more. The floor must be able to support this load without any problems. Wall mounting is even more critical. With such weights, fastening with normal dowels and screws is not sufficient. Here you have to use heavy-duty dowels and possibly even reinforce the wall.


You must ensure access to the off grid solar battery system at all times for the maintenance technician or in case of problems. At the same time, you should ensure that unauthorized persons, especially children, stay away from the system. It should be located in a lockable room.

Environmental conditions

Both off grid solar batteries and inverters require a constant ambient temperature, with the off grid solar batteries being the more sensitive part of the system. Temperatures that are too low reduce the charging and discharging performance of the power storage system. Temperatures that are too high, on the other hand, have a negative effect on service life. Many manufacturers specify a temperature range of 5 to 30 degrees Celsius. However, the ideal temperature range is only between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Inverters are somewhat more resistant. Some manufacturers specify a fairly wide range between -25 and +60 degrees Celsius. If these devices also have the appropriate protection class (IP65 or IP67), you can even install them outdoors. However, this does not apply to the solar batteries.

The second important environmental condition is humidity. It should not exceed 80 percent. Otherwise, there is a risk of corrosion of electrical connections. On the other hand, there is no lower limit.


Especially when using lead batteries, you must ensure that the room is adequately ventilated. These off grid solar batteries gas out during charging and discharging processes and, together with the atmospheric oxygen, an explosive gas mixture is formed. Lead-acid batteries belong in special battery rooms where no flammable materials are stored and where you must not enter with open fires (smoking).

These dangers do not exist with the lithium batteries commonly used today. Nevertheless, ventilation is advisable to remove humidity and limit the temperature in the room. Both the off grid solar batteries and the electronic components of the storage systems generate heat that must not be allowed to accumulate.

Internet connection

You will need an Internet connection to better monitor the photovoltaic system including off grid battery storage and, if desired, to ensure the feed-in of electricity to the grid operator. In the cloud of the operator, you can see how much solar power the photovoltaic system produces and how many kilowatt-hours you feed into the grid.

Many manufacturers already equip their storage systems with a WLAN interface. This makes it very easy to connect the system to the Internet. However, as with all wireless networks, interference can affect data transmission or even interrupt it temporarily. A classic LAN connection with a network cable ensures a more stable connection. Therefore, you should install a network connection at the installation site before installing a off grid solar battery system.

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Utility Room

Recommended installation locations for the off grid solar battery systems.

The requirements show that, as a rule, basements, heating, or utility rooms are suitable installation locations for off grid solar battery systems. Utility rooms are usually located on the first floor and thus have approximately the same environmental conditions as the adjacent living rooms. They also usually have a window, so ventilation is assured.

However, there are exceptions: In an older house, for example, the basement is often damp. In this case, you must have experts check whether it is suitable for the installation of the off grid solar battery backup.

The use of a converted attic is also conceivable, provided that the temperatures here do not rise above the specified limit of 30 degrees Celsius in summer. In this case, you should place the system in a separate lockable room. This is especially true if there are children living in the household.

Not suitable for the installation of storage systems for a photovoltaic system are stables, unheated outbuildings, unconverted and unheated attics as well as garages without heating and carports. In these cases, there is no possibility to ensure the necessary environmental conditions for the systems.

If you have any questions about installing an off-grid solar battery system, or have any questions about off grid solar batteries, please feel free to contact us!