What is whole house battery backup system?

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To date, whole house power backup system represent a technological solution whose potential is still not fully understood and only minimally exploited. Depending on the type of battery storage, in fact, there are many contexts in which these devices could be applied for different purposes.

battery bank backup for home

What are the benefits of using a whole house battery backup system?

The positive effects of the use of whole house battery backup systems would be tangible first of all for end users, who would have the opportunity to accumulate energy in periods of greater convenience and to consume it in the most critical moments. The advantages?

  ● continuity of service (including UPS function)

  ● reduction of electricity supply costs (through containment of consumption peaks)

If battery bank backup are combined with renewable energy plants (e.g. PV), the cost of electricity supply is further reduced due to better utilization of self-produced energy and an increased share of self-consumption.

Battery backup power for home also benefit the electricity grid. All users (both in input and in withdrawal) are responsible for the proper functioning of the network and must support its operation; however, in order to ensure a reliable and efficient electricity service, the network operator needs to procure so-called ancillary services of the system, whose supply is in charge of certain users entitled to their provision.

These services, in exchange for an economic signal, require the user to modulate (upwards or downwards) its own power quota, in order to balance in real time generation and consumption and therefore guarantee that voltage and frequency of the network remain within an acceptable range for the good functioning of the system. An example of this is the so-called Frequency Regulation Reserve (divided into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, according to their respective activation times).

In light of existing technologies, whole house battery backup systems could enter as a new control variable in the dispatching mechanism, storing energy at times of surplus, and then feeding it back into the grid at times of deficit. With this simple principle, the energy storage systems could play multiple applications to support the operation of the electrical system.

The BSLBATT battery bank backup for home is a high-tech storage system developed and manufactured in China. By combining the so with the PV system, higher levels of self-consumption of energy from the PV system can be achieved. The BSLBATT lithium battery storage adapts to the needs of the home and does not have just one standard function. Tested and used by thousands of residential users, the storage battery revolutionizes energy supply while reducing cost.

The BSLBATT lithium battery storage is a whole house battery backup system that is ready to be installed easily, equipped with state-of-the-art components that guarantee high performance, durability, and allow charging and discharging of the battery itself. In addition, the battery is equipped with an intelligent energy manager and App that provide the necessary information for monitoring the entire system.

How does the BSLBATT whole house battery backup system work?

The BSLBATT battery bank backup during the day adapts to the needs and does not operate in a standard way.

Morning: the customer has a high energy consumption but the production of the system is minimal

Daytime: low consumption intermittently by the customer, with high energy production

Evening: high consumption and low energy production

At dawn the photovoltaic system starts to produce energy, but not enough to cover the morning consumption The BSLBATT battery bank backup supplies the missing part with the energy stored the day before.

During the day the BSLBATT battery bank backup stores energy when it is produced in excess, but is also ready to supply it immediately as soon as consumption rises above production, avoiding purchases from the grid.

Finally, in the evening, when consumption increases and sun exposure decreases, i.e. when the photovoltaic system is about to switch off, the energy needs are covered with the energy stored during the day, also giving the comfort of more available power.

What are the BSLBATT home battery available on the market?

BSLBATT Home Battery has 10MWh of installation experience to date in residential systems with the aim of achieving the highest level of autonomy and maximum lifecycle. All this in a flexible and modular design element.

BSLBATT home battery can be adapted to every need, homeowners can choose from two different battery modules depending on their needs: Powerwall Batteries and Rack-mounted batteries.

BSLBATT Powerwall Batteries

For existing photovoltaic systems, the solution is BSLBATT Powerwall Batteries, a versatile, simple and reliable system. The energy platform is capable of supporting up to 16 systems in cascade and with the increased power of the inverter, BSLBATT Powerwall Batteries guarantees even higher performance and can be used not only in residential buildings, but also in the "small business" market and in combination with charging systems for electric vehicles.

The advantages of BSLBATT Powerwall battery:

 ●  Compatibility with all photovoltaic systems

 ●  Even higher output (up to 9.8kW)

 ●  Expandable capacity from 10.12 to 163.84 kWh, with the possibility of installing up to 16 cascade systems

 ●  Energy supply even in case of black-out

 ●  AC coupled battery storage

 ●  0.5C/1C continualcharge and discharge

 ●  Premium 10 Year Warranty

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BSLBATT Rack Batteries

The arrangement of the cells inside the BSLBATT rack battery has been strictly and professionally designed to substantially solve the problem of battery bulging caused by poor heat dissipation performance, so the BSLBATT rack battery has a longer service life, and the system uses a compact design that allows solar energy to reach your home without loss.

The advantages of BSLBATT Rack batteries:

 ●  5.12kWh expandable up to 81.92kWh

 ●  AC Coupled for both new and retrofitted installations

 ●  4.8kW charge and discharge rate

 ●  LiFePo4 cell, safe and environmentally friendly

 ●  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation (IP65 rating)

 ●  Premium 10 Year Warranty

 ●  Modular design gives highest flexibility