The Best Choice For Home Energy Storage

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Hoem Powerwall (1)

Perhaps you are in the process of purchasing a home energy storage battery and are curious about how well the powerwall will work in your home. So do you want to know how a powerwall can support your home? In this blog we describe what powerwall can do for your home energy storage system and some of the different battery capacities and powers that are available.



There are currently two types of home energy storage system, a grid-connected home energy storage system and an off-grid home energy storage system. Home storage lithium battery packs give you access to safe, reliable and sustainable energy and ultimately an improved quality of life. Home energy storage products can be installed in both off-grid PV applications and even in homes without a PV system. So it is perfectly possible to choose according to your preference.


Service life

BSLBATT home energy storage lithium batteries have a service life of over 10 years. Our modular design allows multiple energy storage units to be connected in parallel in a more flexible way. This not only makes it easy and quick to use on a daily basis, but also significantly increases the storage and utilisation of energy.


Electricity management

Especially in households with high electricity consumption, the electricity bill becomes a major concern. A home energy storage system is similar to a miniature energy storage plant and operates independently of the pressure on the city's electricity supply. The battery bank in the home energy storage system can recharge itself while we are away on a trip or at work, and the electricity stored in the system can be used from the system while it is idle, when people are using appliances in the home. This is a great use of time and also saves a lot of money on electricity, and can be used as an emergency back-up power source in case of an emergency.


Electric vehicle support

Electric or hybrid vehicles are the future of vehicle energy. In this context, having a home energy storage system means that you can charge your car in your own garage or backyard whenever and wherever you want. The idle power collected by a home energy storage system is a great option for free compared to charging posts outside that charge a fee. Not only electric cars, but also electric wheelchairs, electric toys etc. can easily take advantage of this for charging and there is no need to worry about possible accidents when charging multiple devices indoors.


Charging time

As mentioned above, charging time is also very important when there is an electric vehicle in the house, as no one wants to rush out the door only to find that it has not been charged. The internal resistance of lead-acid batteries used in conventional energy storage systems increases with depth of discharge, which means that charging algorithms are designed to increase the voltage slowly, thus increasing the charging time. Lithium batteries can be charged at a much higher rate due to their lower internal resistance. This means less time to run the noise and carbon pollution generator to fill the backup battery. In comparison, groups 24 to 31 lead-acid batteries may take 6-12 hours to recharge, while lithium's 1-3 hour recharge rate is 4 to 6 times faster.


Cycle costs

Although the upfront cost of lithium batteries may seem high, the actual cost of ownership is at least less than half that of lead-acid. This is because the cycle life and lifespan of lithium is far greater than that of lead-acid. Even the best AGM battery as a lead-acid power cell has an effective life between 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge and 800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. In comparison, lithium batteries last six to ten times longer than lead-acid batteries. Imagine that this means we don't have to replace batteries every 1-2 years!


BSLBATT Powerwall update

If you need to determine the direction of your power requirements, please see the battery models in our catalogue to purchase your powerwall. if you need additional assistance in selecting the right product, please feel free to contact us.