Solartech Indonesia 2023 - Make Solar Your Fortune

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It's finally here: Solartech, Indonesia's largest trade fair for solar and photovoltaic technologies, is officially taking place on March 2nd. For us, this is one of the highlights of 2023, as we from BSLBATT are once again presenting our products and services at the JIExpo Center in Jakarta and are looking forward to welcoming our partners in person. The Indonesian solar PV market is currently in strong demand and is leading the energy revolution in Southeast Asia, and the deep Southeast Asian market is at the right stage.

Solartech Indonesia 2023

The 8th Indonesia International Solar Power & PV Technologies Exhibition Solartech had 15,000 visitors from 25 countries with more than 400 exhibitors attending. As one of China's leading manufacturers of energy storage products, BSLBATT has a wide range of energy storage products and is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective and sustainable energy. Safety, integrity, responsibility and reliability are the keywords for BSLBATT.

Solar energy will play an important role in electricity supply as Indonesia prioritizes achieving Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2060, where 587 GW of renewable power plants and 361 GW or more than 80% of capacity will come from solar and hydropower. BSLBATT is committed to offering a wide selection of products to provide various energy solutions for the Southeast Asian market. Since the launch of our energy storage products, BSLBATT wall-mounted and rack-mounted batteries have been loved by countless households for their outstanding performance and reliable LiFePo4 batteries, so to meet the growing demand, we are bringing new energy storage products to Solartech, including our first ever ultra-thin 5.12kWh PowerLine battery and 5kVA hybrid inverter BSL-5K-2P-EU.

5kva hybrid inverter

Features of the PowerLine - 5:

● Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous Cobalt-Free LFP Chemistry

● No Thermal Runaway with Fire Propagation

● No Heat Generation, Mitigation, Thermal Monitoring or Toxic Cooling

● Extended Operating Temperature -4 to 140F

● 98% Efficiency Rate

● Fast Charge & Discharge Rates

● 8000 Cycle Life with a 10 Year Warranty

● Cycle One to Several Times Per Day

● Seamless Integration with All Industry Standard Inverter/Charge Controllers

● Built-In Safety - BMS with Breaker On/Off Switch for Shipping & Installation

● Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance

Features of the BSL-5K-2P-EU:

- Support Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring.

- 48V low voltage battery, transformer isolation topology.

- Max. they are charging/discharging a current of 100A.

- DC coupled and AC coupled to retrofit existing solar system

- Power supply can be switched automatically.

- Long warranty period: 5 years.

- Convenient RS232/RS485 Communication.

- IP65 Protection level.

- Multiple operating modes, on-grid, off-grid, and UPS, MPPT charger built in.

- Compatible with almost all 48V LiFePO4 battery pack

- Integrated intelligent APP, which can remotely diagnose and update

- Frequency droop control, Max. 16pcs parallel

- One key to reactive the LiFePO4 battery pack

Thank you very much to our partners and all the show visitors who visited our booth and sought to talk to us. by the way: welcome to meet us at more shows!

Trade Show 2023 BSLBATT