BSLBATT Solar Wall Battery Helps Solve Power Problems in Florida Homes

The solar system in this case study is located in a single-family home in Florida, USA, and consists of two 3kW Victron inverters, 14 kW PV panels and two 10kWh BSLBATT solar wall batteries. Due to the increased demand for electricity in the area, grid outages due to natural disasters have become a regular occurrence. Using home UPS modules for certain household appliances was not a viable solution. In addition, the intention to purchase an electric vehicle within a few months led customers to look for the ultimate solution to reduce the risk of power outages and generate power for home appliances and their daily travels. With rising electricity prices and increased energy consumption, the best solution is to continue to choose a solar power system with solar wall battery, with the possibility of being 100% grid independent in the future. Prior to the installation of the BSLBATT 48V solar wall battery and solar panels, the single-family home consumed all of its energy from the grid, with an average monthly network consumption of 1,510 kWh at an average price of $0.117 per kWh, resulting in an average bill of $176.67. After the installation of the BSLBATT 48V solar wall battery and solar panels, the average monthly network consumption dropped to 302 kWh and the average household consumption stayed at 1510 kWh, achieving 80% off-grid, and as a result of these results, they only pay $35.334 per month for electricity. “We live in an area where natural disasters often bring massive power outages, and even though we live in the most developed countries, there is no way to completely avoid the risks associated with natural disasters and solve our own electricity consumption problems first, and the BSLBATT lithium-ion battery storage solution became the most reliable and powerful option for us to continue our green model. Therefore, we chose the high quality BSLBATT 48V solar wall Battery. I like their design and service attitude and have already recommended BSLBATT to my other relatives and friends and I think it is my first choice for my off-grid system,” said the owner. Challenges of the project Providing reliable backup power to loads during continuous power outages Sizing the system so that it could power the load for a full day without power Provide a solution for online monitoring 365 days a year Select the most reliable energy storage inverter solution on the market capable of off-grid operation Chinese-made lithium batteries with 9,000 cycles and high charge/discharge capacity Compact and scalable solution for residential applications 5-year warranty on inverters and 10-year warranty on batteries Photovoltaic self-use BSLBATT 48V solar wall battery, efficiently manage electricity use and enjoy the savings that come from combining green energy with energy storage and smart power purchase. bslbatt devices are designed for customers who want to save money on their electricity bills, reduce their pollution and carbon footprint, enhance their use of clean energy and their commitment to a more sustainable world in which renewable energy, lithium-ion solar cells and the use of available natural resources become the backbone of this new energy context. In addition to storing solar power and allowing us to enjoy energy whenever we want, the BSLBATT 48V solar wall battery also features an always connected backup system and allows for real-time monitoring of consumption and energy flow from a mobile device. If you need an application, you can ask our sales instructions when purchasing the BSLBATT 48V solar wall battery.

Post time: May-08-2024