BSLBATT Powerwall about communication protocols

BSLBATT Powerwall battery – Clean Solar Powerwall gives you the ability to store energy for later use and works with or without solar to provide key security and financial benefits. Each Powerwall system includes at least one Powerwall and a BSLBATT Gateway, which provides energy monitoring, metering and management for the system. The Backup Gateway learns and adapts to your energy use over time, receives over-the-air updates just like the rest of BSLBATT’s products and is capable of managing up to ten Powerwalls. This cutting-edge battery acts as a home backup, storing energy for when you need it. The 15KWH Powerwall battery provides 8-12 hours of whole-house backup power. You can generate your own energy when you pair your 15KWH Powerwall battery with solar, or it can store energy directly from the grid itself. Not only does the Powerwall improve reliability for customers; it can also reduce costs for everyone on peak energy days. BSLBATT Lithium is partnering with customers to use the battery’s stored power during peak times to lower costs by reducing transmission and capacity expenses. With all the intelligent functions euipped inside our BSLBATT powerwall products, we need the corresponding protocols to commnunicate with the inverters, so that all the functions like can performe well. How it works Backup power during outages During a power outage, the energy stored in your BSLBATT 14KWH Powerwall battery will power your home. If present, solar panels will continue to recharge the Powerwall. Our BSLBATT 14KWH Powerwall batteries have already matched the protocols of many brands, check the below chart to see if we got the brand of your inverters! Inverters brand that we have corresponding protocol Here’s one thing to note, if you use our powerwall products as the lead acid battery replacement to power your home, there’s no need to match the protocols, they can perform great in the original system, just without some benefits like selling electricity to the grid etc. Contact us to show your request, no matter what inverter brands you’re using, we’re still able to match them! Customer in Jamaica, just had their Powerwall installed, and wrote us to say, “Going solar had been a dream for us since we bought our house 10 years ago, but we really wanted to store our energy, too. With the BSLBATT 14KWH Powerwall batteries, and our panels, we were able to make that dream a reality! We love that we are able to teach our daughter about alternative energy while providing a cleaner, greener future for her!”

We also spoke with Puerto Rico client who recently paired a Powerwall with their solar array at their house in Caribbean island, Maine. “We live in a relatively rural area where there are power outages. A lot of people get generators for backup, but we’ve never wanted to do that. Unlike a generator, the Powerwall is completely silent and powers on in a fraction of a second during a grid outage. For us, we’re excited about capturing energy and creating electricity in general but then there is something nice about feeling like you’re actually using the solar energy you are producing rather than throwing it out to the grid.”

Post time: May-08-2024