House Battery For Solar: BSLBATT Powerwall

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BSLBATT has launched a whole house battery backup power solution on the market, which allows energy to be obtained from renewable energy sources such as solar energy and stored in the facilities of a home, company or service provider for private use to relieve the load Peak and provide the event of power reserve blackout or failure.

According to North American companies, the world's annual energy consumption reaches 20 billion kilowatt-hours. This is enough to supply energy for a family for 1.8 billion years or a nuclear power plant for 2,300 years.

Of all the fossil fuels consumed in the United States, one third is used for transportation and another third is used for power generation. The power sector in the United States alone generates about 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

lithium house battery (2)

In view of these data, BSLBATT considers the possibility of using renewable energy for its own energy consumption, among which 50% of the most polluting energy sources may be stopped in a short period of time, thereby forming a cleaner, smaller and more flexible energy network. Under these concepts, BSLBATT has launched a battery kit -- LifePo4 Powerwall Battery suitable for homes, offices and service providers.

These house batteries can store more sustainable renewable energy, manage demand, provide energy reserves, and increase capacity to adapt to different situations in the grid.

The company is currently working with service providers and other renewable energy partners around the world to deploy grid storage to improve the resiliency and environmental management capabilities of the entire smart grid.

Whole House Battery Backup

BSLBATT Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to store energy at the residential level, move loads, have energy reserves, and allow self-consumption of solar energy. The solution consists of a BSLBATT lithium-ion battery pack, a thermal control system, and software that receives signals from the solar inverter.

A house battery backup is easily installed on the wall and integrated into the local power grid, so that it can use excess energy, allowing consumers to flexibly extract electricity from their own reserve batteries, thereby promoting the development of smart grids. The place of consumption implements these storage points.

According to its creator, in the domestic field, the battery has many advantages, including:

Energy Management: Batteries can provide economic savings, charging in a short period of time when power demand is low, and discharging in periods when energy is more expensive and demand is highest.

Increase The Self-consumption Of Solar Energy: because it allows the unused energy to be stored when it is generated and used later when there is no sunlight.

Energy Reserve: even in the event of a power outage or service interruption, the whole house battery bank can provide energy.

BSLBATT Powerwall offers 10 kWh battery(optimized for backup activities) and 7kWh battery(optimized for daily use). Any of them can be connected to solar energy and the grid. And for some areas with high electricity consumption, we have introduced a large-capacity 20kWh house battery for them.

Commercial Battery Storage Solutions

At the enterprise level, based on the BSLBATT Powerwall Battery assembly and component architecture, the company's energy storage system provides extensive application compatibility and simplified installation by integrating batteries, power electronics, heat management and control in a turnkey system.

This solution can fully utilize the potential of photovoltaic installations by storing excess energy for later use and always generating electricity. The business solution can predict and release stored energy during peak consumption periods, thereby reducing the load demand part of the energy bill.

house battery bank

Commercial/industrial energy storage design has the following goals:

  • Maximize the consumption of clean energy.

  • Avoid peak load demand.

  • Buy electricity when it's cheap.

  • Obtain the benefits of participating in the network from service providers or intermediaries.

  • Ensure that energy is reserved for critical operations in the event of a power outage or failure.

Solutions for Electricity Service Provider Companies

For power service provider-scale systems, 100kWh battery packs range from 500 kWh to 10 MWh + grouping. These solutions can allow you to continuously use electricity for more than 4 hours in off-grid mode.

The range of applications supported by the system includes smoothing peak consumption, managing loads and responding to the needs of commercial customers, as well as providing deep-rooted renewable energy and smart grid services of various utility scales.

"BSLBATT ESS battery for utilities" aims to:

  • Strengthen the production of renewable energy by coordinating the intermittent energy of these sources and the storage surplus to allocate them when necessary.

  • Improve resource capacity. The development project acts as a generator of on-demand distributed energy, and most importantly, it increases capacity and increases the resilience of the grid.

  • Ramp control: Acting as a regulator when the "output" that produces energy changes up and down, it immediately distributes energy and smoothly transitions the output to the desired level.

  • Improve power quality by preventing fluctuations from propagating to downstream loads.

  • Postpone slow and expensive infrastructure upgrades.

  • Manage peak demand by distributing power in units of seconds or milliseconds.

whole house battery backup system

As the china lithium battery manufacturer, BSLBATT has been working hard to research and develop more solar house battery solutions, and hope that more people will enter a low-carbon life through the use of clean energy, and contribute to sustainable development!