Battery Energy Storage for Industrial, Commercial and Residential
Power your life with a smart , reliable and safe home battery storage system from BSLBATT.
Home Solar Battery Systems
Battery storage systems are the most critical component for homeowners to increase solar energy utilization. The solar panels installed on the roof transmit power to the control system, which transmits the power through the inverter to the household appliances or directly to the storage battery system; during peak periods, the BSLATT storage battery transmits energy through the control system and inverter to the household appliances. When the energy of the storage battery is greater than the demand, the customer can choose to sell part of the power to the grid system.
The BSLBATT home lithium battery using LiFePo4 technology has a fast response, long life, and is adaptable to a variety of scenarios. In electrochemical energy storage, compared with other technical routes such as lead-acid batteries, liquid flow batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries, lithium-ion (especially LiFePo4 or LFP) battery energy storage has the advantages of higher energy/power density, longer use and cycle life, faster response time, and the use of a variety of scenarios, lithium battery technology is the mainstream electrochemical energy storage technology in the future.