BSLBATT with A New Concept of Home Battery at EES Europe

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BSLBATT is one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers in China, and our mission is to provide the best lithium-ion battery solutions to our customers.

In recent years, solar PV and Li-ion battery storage have been the hottest topic and industry, BSLBATT, as a professional Li-ion battery manufacturer, has delivered close to 80,000 energy storage batteries to various parts of the world for home energy storage, renewable energy projects, grid scale PV energy storage and electric cell base stations.

Our customers use BSLBATT energy storage lithium batteries to achieve energy self-sufficiency and maximize photovoltaic utilization, reducing electricity bills, so in order to find better partners and expand our brand influence, BSLBATT will be very honored to participate in this EES Europe In 2022, the exhibition will be held in Munich for 3 days from Wednesday 10 May 2022 to Friday 13 May 2022 and is expected to have around 1,450 exhibitors, including more than 480 energy storage technology and storage energy system provider.

EES Europe 2022

About EES Europe

EES (Electrical Energy Storage) Europe is the largest and most visited exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems in Europe. It is the industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and users of stationary and mobile electrical energy storage solutions. It is held annually in Munich together with Intersolar Europe, the world's largest trade fair for the solar industry. ees Europe trade fair focuses on storage solutions for renewable energy, from home and commercial applications to power-stabilized mass storage. In addition, the focus is on products and solutions in the fields of smart renewable energy, energy management, electric vehicles and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In addition to the trade fair, an extensive framework program covers relevant industry topics. ees European conferences, trade forums and seminars as well as special exhibitions impart valuable knowledge to manufacturers and users. Covering the entire value chain of innovative battery and energy storage technologies - from components and production to specific user applications - ees Europe is the ideal platform for all kinds of stakeholders in the fast-growing energy storage market. Munich is located in the geographical center of Europe and ranks among the top German technology bases, offering first-class infrastructure and numerous tourist attractions.

Have you Registered for EES Europe 2022?

BSLBATT invites attendees of the EES Europe 2022 conference and exhibition to visit BSLBATT Booth No. B1 480E. We will be showcasing our best selling 10kWh Powerwall home battery and 48V rack mount battery modules for 2021. They are both AC coupled batteries and the main benefits are their simplicity and compatibility and the fact that they work with most of the well known inverters on the market, you don't need to modify your existing installations, so they are easier to install in your existing solar system! Complete your home energy storage system, bringing energy freedom and savings on your electricity bill!

What Else Do BSLBATT Have to Look Forward to at this Show?

In addition to the two home storage batteries mentioned above, BSLBATT will also bring you a new concept of home battery system, we will show the latest research success of BSLBATT - a new home battery that will change the European home PV energy storage. This is a highly anticipated and soon to be the main battery system of BSLBATT! So we are looking forward to a successful dialogue with you during the show and to introduce you to our new product!

BSLBATT Hybrid Solar Inverter

We will also show you the BSLBATT's hybrid solar inverter system at this exhibition. In 2021, we met a lot of special customers who liked our home energy storage batteries, but they wanted BLSBATT to have their own inverter because some inverter brands in their local market were not compatible with our batteries. BLSBATT has successfully launched its own hybrid inverter system in March this year. And we will bring this inverter to this exhibition, we hope more customers can experience this inverter system up close.

Who is BSLBATT's exhibitor at the EES Europe 2022?


How Can You Connect with us Quickly?

BSLBATT is looking for a few qualified distributors with renewable energy expertise, exceptional customer service and a desire to change the world. If your company is interested in joining our mission, please email and we can set up a meeting with you directly at EES Europe 2022!