BSLBATT & Victron: An Excellent Mix in Solar Lithium Battery PV Systems

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Have you thought about a photovoltaic system with off grid solar batteries, connected to the grid or backup for your use or your projects? Are you looking for a solar lithium battery that can last a long time and has good performance? Well today, The combination of products from two well-known brands in the field will bring you a Special "Aha moment" and in this blog we will tell you a little so you can take it into account when you want to implement an energy storage system with BSLBATT lithium ion batteries.

off grid soalr batetry bslbatt

The Celebrity Brands in Solar Markert

In April of last year, Victron announced that it was compatible with BSLBATT Solar lithium batetry, and the combination of these two brands gives solar homeowners a powerful option, especially in low-voltage systems (48VDC) for energy storage.

BSLBATT Lithium is a company specialized in energy storage systems that vertically integrates the production of its storage modules from the raw material for each of the cells to the electronics in its own BMS ensuring quality and good performance. On the other hand, Victron Energy is a company specialized in power electronics with many years of proven experience in various off-grid and grid-connected applications and is a very reputable and prestigious brand globally.

Why Lithium ion Solar Battery?

For many years we have been talking about lead-acid batteries when discussing energy storage topics and when talking about lithium we have always said "Very Expensive". However, with the passage of time we have experienced the technological breakthrough in the field of storage systems and one of the best achievements that has been achieved are Lithium batteries (especially Lithium iron Phosphate battery - LiFePO4 battery). With remarkable benefits in terms of charging and discharging performance, longer life (more cycles), less space to use (volume), environmentally friendly, as well as in weight due to its physical and chemical composition.

Today lithium ion off grid solar system is no longer the future, using lithium ion batteries is the now and can be more profitable in the medium term compared to the initial investment of conventional lead batteries.

Applications & Compatibility

Victron and BSLBATT thanks to their compatibility can be used in the following scenarios:

Off-grid: In this scenario we can have a photovoltaic system and an energy storage system with solar lithium battery bank for remote areas or where there is no access to conventional power grid. We can also have a backup generator for critical moments.

Grid-connected for self-consumption: In this scenario we can have a photovoltaic system together with a storage system with solar lithium battery bank in order to prioritize the use of the solar energy generated so that after its consumption we can just use the energy from the conventional grid and thus maximize our savings and have a lower energy cost in our receipts or bills.

Power backup supply: In this scenario we can count on an battery energy storage system to be able to have it available in scenarios of power outages from the conventional grid and be prepared to continue operating our important equipment for a certain time.

Regarding compatibility, BSLBATT batteries are compatible with the following series of Victron Energy inverters as long as a control and communication device of the GX family (Cerbo, Venus or Color Control for example) is integrated in the equipment formula together with a CAN BMS cable from the battery to this device.

Phoenix series isolated inverters: A VE direct cable should be connected to the GX device.

MPPT charge controllers: A VE direct cable or CAN cable should be connected to the GX device.

Multiplus or Quattro inverter chargers: Can also be used with a VE BUS cable to the GX device.

Safety and Warranty

The Brands Mentioned Here Comply Today With Very Demanding Certifications In Countries Where The Solar Industry Has Been Consolidated For Many Years. Therefore, you can take advantage of this and be fully assured that you will have a high quality and completely reliable system.

BSLBATT Llithium solar Batteries More capacity at less cost!

BSLBATT Lithium is a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacture of lithium battery products. The company produces their own lithium batteries using their most basic ingredients and undergoes strict quality control from the cell to the battery pack. They have been on the world market for over 10 years and are positioned in over 30 countries/regions. It is one of the greatest options that one can take today to ensure your investment. BSLBATT can offer 10 years warranty for there lithium ion solar battery.

rackmount battery

The brand currently has a broad portfolio of products. For commercial and residential use BSLBATT offers its low voltage modules (48VDC) with the rackmount batteries.

The rackmount battery module is a 48VDC battery with 100Ah nominal and has a useful capacity of 5.12kWh. This battery offers a cycling availability of 6000 at 80% DoD in standard conditions (i.e. at 25°C and 0 masl).

This battery has a total weight of 43kg and the dimensions are 442*520*177MM. It also has RS232, RS485 and CAN communication interfaces.

The BSLBATT rackmount battery batteries can work in parallel as a single group up to 16 units. It can fully meet your residential or commercial electricity needs.

If you want to review more details, you can contact us product manager for download the datasheet:

Victron Energy, on the other hand, has more years of experience than BSLBATT, so its reputation, certifications and worldwide performance is more than proven.

If you are looking for off grid solar lithium batteries for your home energy storage system, contact us for more information!