BSLBATT Shows Ultra-thin (<9cm) Wall Battery for Solar Storage

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China lithium battery manufacturer BSLBATT shows the Most Trusted Premium-Quality ultra-thin wall-mounted lithium-ion batteries for solar storage in the Industry. The thinnest Home ESS Ever built with just 90mm thickness. And up to 3C discharge capability. Up to 81,920 Wh in Low Voltage Connection. Designed for home energy storage. Amenities: Ultra-Thin, Safe, Simple, Strong, Smart, Secure, Sustainable. Passed IEC62619, CE, UL1973, UN38.3 etc. Global certification!

5 kwh lithium ion battery price1

The biggest highlight of the PowerLine is its ultra-thin and simple design, with the overall dimensions of 670*540*88mm, plus the mounting bracket on the back, the overall thickness is less than 9cm, which is smaller than the Tesla Powerwall (14.6cm). Perfect size design and beautiful appearance design make it not only a home battery, but also a work of art.

"The ultra-thin size does not affect the performance of this battery, on the contrary, the battery module adopts the FPC process to maintain higher consistency of each cell, so the PowerLine has a longer service life and higher efficiency. After repeated testing and inspection, this battery can have more than 6000 cycles at 100% DOD, and the capacity retention rate can still stay at 80%! This exceeds most home battery brands in the industry." Eric, CEO of BSLBATT, said.

The unique BSLBATT LFP technology Battery Management System provides you with higher current and peak-power ratings than other technologies. PowerLine allows you to run up to an impressive 100 amps continuously, even with just one battery, with peaks up to 300amps, far enough to meet home, commercial standards. These factors combine to make this an ideal energy storage solution for demanding solar applications.

Make your Home Green with BSLBATT Batteries

Just connect your existing Photovoltaic System or install a new one with a BSL-5K-2P-EU Hybrid inverter to be immediately energy independent.

solar panel battery storage

With the rapid development of home energy storage, the need and demand for batteries for solar storage is also increasing, we believe that home battery can not only be a reliable energy system, but also a beautiful artwork in the home, so we have polished the appearance and size of PowerLine for a very long time, and finally launched this thinner, more reliable residential battery.

Solar professionals are also involved in 2 areas - the after-sales service provided by BSLBATT and the longevity of the PowerLine.

BSLBATT has answers to all of these questions. We tend to show that the PowerLine 5kWh wall battery uses the longer lasting Tier One, A+ LiFePO4 cells and can reach a cycle life of 8,000 cycles at 80% DOD. Considering that the average household device consumes about 3kWh of power per day, BSLBATT's PowerLine can theoretically reach a 20-year lifespan.

In addition, BSLBATT can provide lifetime technical support for the PowerLine and a 15-year warranty commitment with the purchase of a PowerLine battery. The PowerLine battery has been approved by UN38.3, CE, IEC 62619, and the cells and internal modules used have also been approved by UL1973.

PowerLine 5.12kWh Powerwall Battery

Why choose PowerLine batteries for solar storage?

Lithium solar batteris are often used in home storage systems to reduce energy costs and power consumption, and the PowerLine's appearance and size are ideal for home use, with a compact size that doesn't take up much wall space and a thickness of less than 9 cm that is perfect for installation in your garage or attic. Our PowerLine degrades by less than 2% per year. It can perform 8,000 cycles, is 100% usable, and has a life expectancy of up to 20 years. Within 20 years, you won't have to think about replacing your home lithium battery, which greatly reduces your investment costs in the long run, and the 15-year manufacturer's warranty gives you peace of mind that you're going solar.

With over 20 years of battery manufacturing and production experience, BSLBATT is one of the strongest innovators in the industry, with batteries deployed in over 100 countries/regions. Contact us today about how to join the BSLBATT Battery Reseller Program! Explore more about the benefits of the dealer policy!