All In One: Innovative Residential Battery Storage From BSLBATT

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Residential battery storage is an integral part of a photovoltaic system, because only with a lithium solar battery storage can you make optimal and better use of your valuable solar power. That is why our customers decide directly for a residential battery storage when they buy a photovoltaic system or for retrofitting a power storage.If the energy transition is to succeed, we need better residential battery storage for renewable energy.

Why is residential battery storage system so important for photovoltaic power generation?

Photovoltaic technology is essential for the energy turnaround in the private and commercial sectors. Generating electricity from sunlight is now a proven and efficient technology that is reasonably available in our latitudes.

Many homeowners are already planning to use modern solar systems and lithium battery storage systems in their new buildings, while others are considering retrofitting. In any case, it takes a flexible and efficient solar home battery system to handle electricity that you don't immediately consume or feed into the grid.

residential battery storage system

For years, high feed-in tariffs often made it more worthwhile to deliver power to the public grid than to consume it yourself. In the meantime, that has changed. Lower feed-in tariffs have made the concept less and less worthwhile.

At the same time, of course, we need power when there is no sun. Without domestic power storage systems, homeowners would have to buy additional power at night or during bad weather, depending on their own power needs. However, traditional lead-based battery storage systems have major drawbacks in terms of capacity, efficiency, and longevity.

BSL Lithium battery manufacturer scores with modern lithium-ion storage technology

BSL Power from China offers a sustainable alternative with a high-quality stationary energy storage system and inverter combined into one that can significantly improve the efficiency of PV systems. The company has proven this time and again, with a design that not only reduces the complications of matching home energy storage systems to well-known inverters on the market but likewise reduces the losses that occur during solar energy conversion.

At the same time, these systems are suitable for both private homes and commercial applications - which adds to the overall energy transition benefits.

By the way: The technology for the entire solar home battery system comes from BSL Power in China, and the inverters are also manufactured by the Chinese brand - Voltronic Power.

lithium home batteries

Environmentally friendly residential battery storage system

BSL Power pays special attention to the environmental friendliness of its residential battery storage system: the company uses a state-of-the-art storage system based on intrinsically safe lithium iron phosphate chemistry, instead of traditional lead batteries. This means that BSL Power can completely eliminate the use of problematic heavy metals. In addition, this environmentally friendly technology is even more efficient and durable than traditional lead-based storage systems.

Advantages of BSL Power's prediction-based charging system

In addition to lower feed-in tariffs, the so-called active power limit plays an important role in photovoltaic power generation. Whereas in the past, operators could feed solar power into the public grid at any time, lawmakers have now imposed limits on active power input.

This means that you are only allowed to feed a certain percentage of your system's installed capacity into the grid. The Renewable Energy Act (EEG) sets the maximum active power feed-in at 70%. This value can even be reduced to 50% if you want to take advantage of certain subsidy programs for your solar system.

The inverter of your PV system can regulate the feed-in power. Modern solar systems use intelligent energy management for automatic limiting. Conversely, this affects the charging strategy of the electricity storage system. The aim is to put as little strain as possible on the public grid, neither through excessive power demand nor through excessive feeder loads.

So far, many operators of solar systems have adopted a simple charging strategy and charged their home power storage units to full capacity as quickly as possible. However, this means that you can no longer store any power temporarily during peak generation periods.

Therefore, BSL Power has developed a battery inverter that supports a prediction-based charging procedure. Here, the inverter can use yield and consumption predictions to determine when charging the battery will result in the greatest yield.

Which home power storage batteries should it be?

As the future operator of a PV system, you have to ask yourself many questions. The size of the system, possible subsidies, efficiency, and yield calculations will all influence the decision. Installing a solar energy storage system is often trivial because it is all assumed anyway.

However, the truth is that you should make sure that all components, such as lithium home batteries and inverters, fit together. Even components from the same manufacturer will only work effectively if the size and output of the system match the size of the storage unit. Home battery storage systems that are too large are inefficient and cost more than necessary. Home storage systems that are too small, on the other hand, do not meet expectations.

That's why BSL Power offers OEM custom modules on its website to help different homes and businesses choose the right battery capacity.


A good lithium battery storage system can provide backup power if the power supply fails. Instead of providing fuel for this, you can use the energy stored in the battery system to achieve temporary self-sufficiency compared to an emergency generator. The BSL power switch, developed specifically for standby power, together with other coordination components, ensures an almost seamless power supply in the event of a power failure.

The use of power switches requires a DC-coupled storage system (DC: direct current). In contrast to their AC-coupled counterparts (AC: alternating current), DC-coupled storage systems are only suitable for new installations and not for retrofits. This is why you should consider whether you want to use the backup power option at some point in the planning phase.

home energy storage system

What makes BSL Power's home energy storage systems so interesting to end-users?

The better the components of a solar system are matched to each other, the better. However, it is often the case that the most important components do not come from the same manufacturer. This is true even if you buy an entire solar system from one supplier.

BSLBATT Power has recognized the potential for frequent waste due to mismatched components. Therefore, the experts at this China-based company focus on providing innovative solutions for inverters and residential battery storage that are perfectly coordinated with each other. For operators of solar systems, this means better efficiency, higher yields, and particularly high reliability in daily operation.

BSLBATT is a high-tech company focused on the research and manufacture of energy storage battery solutions.

As a result, with its strong R&D and production capabilities, the brand has developed excellent products in various fields of energy storage and has been granted several patents. All of the company's products are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards and have received CE, IEC, EMC, ROHS, UL and other certificates.

Currently, BSLBATT's leading energy solutions have reached more than 50,000 projects or shipments in Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia. It supports customers in achieving energy self-sufficiency, ultimately achieving energy independence and global clean energy goals, and reducing network stress.

In this way, BSLBATT intends to become a low-carbon energy storage service provider. The aim is to introduce superior new energy technologies to create a green future for the world and a sustainable and healthy life for humanity.

As a result, the demand for residential battery storage solutions continues to grow as people adopt this energy source to meet their needs. Therefore, it is always good to have brands with evolving technologies, such as BSLBATT.