Why Is It Recommended to Choose Solar Lithium Batteries for Energy Storage?

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Renewable energy storage is currently developing relatively rapidly, and lithium-ion battery is a kind of energy storage type battery with controllability and non-pollution, and the new lithium-ion solar battery can match the system perfectly well. As the lithium-ion battery technology becomes more and more mature, the capacity is getting larger and longer life, it is more and more widely used.

Now, lithium-ion batteries have played a very important role in home solar energy storage, replacing lead-acid and colloidal batteries. In the energy storage battery, why everyone is willing to choose solar lithium-ion batteries? Let's talk about the following three aspects.

solar lithium battery

Lithium-ion Batteries

In all aspects of performance than lead-acid batteries is undoubtedly better, currently common is lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) batteries, the battery is not like lead-acid batteries have a memory effect, after more than 1600 charges, the battery storage capacity can still reach 85%, compared with lead-acid batteries, Solar lithium battery has a lightweight, high capacity Solar lithium battery has the advantages of light weight, high capacity and long service life compared with lead-acid battery.

Lead-acid Batteries

The electrode is made of lead and oxide, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. Under the state of charge of lead-acid battery, the important component of positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the important component of negative electrode is lead; under the state of discharge, the important component of both positive and negative electrode is lead sulfate. Because of the memory effect, the storage capacity of lead-acid battery will be greatly reduced when it is overlapped more than 500 times.

Lithium electronic batteries have greater storage capacity compared to lead-acid batteries, so many consumers also very much recognize lithium-ion solar batteries. This is the reason why lithium-ion solar battery energy storage is becoming more and more popular.

What Makes Solar Lithium-ion Batteries So Good?

● Lithium-ion batteries are small and light, the device saves time and energy

In the process of solar energy system installation, labor also occupies a large cost, if you choose the heavier weight of the lead-acid battery pack, then it will increase the time and cost of solar battery installation, and if the use of lithium-ion batteries, with its lighter weight, only one solar installer can complete all the projects, saving time and effort.

● Lithium-ion batteries than lead-acid battery pollution is small, green

We all understand that the service life of lead-acid batteries is relatively short, it is cheap, but a year may have to be replaced, which will greatly add to the pollution of the environment. And the lead-acid battery itself is heavier than the lithium-ion battery pollution, if you keep replacing it, it will always cause harm to the environment. Lithium-ion batteries do not pollute, while lead-acid batteries have heavy metal lead pollution.

● Lithium-ion batteries are more intelligent

Now the lithium-ion battery has become more and more intelligent, and the function is more and more perfect. Now the lithium-ion battery can be adjusted according to the user's needs for the battery, the length of use, etc.. Many lithium-ion batteries can be installed a BMS management system, you can view the status of the battery in real time on the phone, but also independent detection of the battery current voltage, such as abnormalities, the BMS system are able to automatically adjust.

● Lithium-ion battery life longer

The annual loss of lead-acid batteries is relatively high, often one or two years to change. Lithium-ion batteries have a service life of 35 years, generally speaking, are able to guarantee 5 years. The cycle life of lead-acid batteries in about 300 times. And lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, 3C cycle life of more than 1000 times.

● Lithium-ion batteries are safer, no memory effect

lithium battery manufacturers

Lead-acid batteries are easy to enter the water, lithium-ion batteries are not easy to enter the water. And lead-acid batteries are with memory, that is, not yet fully discharged when charging will have a memory effect, which will affect the life of the battery. Lithium-ion batteries are not memory, can be charged at any time. This is safer to use and more reassuring. Lithium iron phosphate has undergone rigorous safety testing, even in a violent collision will not explode.

● Lithium-ion batteries with high energy density

Lithium-ion batteries have a high storage energy density, has now reached 460-600Wh / kg, is about 6-7 times the lead-acid batteries. This will be better for home solar energy storage system.

● Solar lithium battery bank is very resistant to high temperatures

If your solar batteries are installed in the desert or outdoors, the requirements for the battery will become higher. Lithium iron phosphate battery thermal peak can be 350 ~ 500 ℃, can be used in the -20 ℃ - 60 ℃ environment.

● Price, warranty period

The mainstream battery on the market is 48v lithium solar battery, if replaced, lead-acid battery warranty period of 1 year; lithium solar battery warranty period of 5-10 years, but the price is also 2-3 times the lead-acid battery.

rackmount battery

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