Why Do More and More Families Choose Photovoltaic Systems?

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Who would have thought at the time that a technology that was originally used only for space travel would one day be connected to our daily lives in this way? The solar system is obviously everywhere. Anyone who claimed in the early days that the solar trend was short-lived anyway will surely be better taught soon.


Solar energy is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the energy released by the sun far exceeds the energy we need to power everything on earth;Photovoltaic systems are a great way to offset energy costs, reduce the household's environmental impact, and provide many other benefits, such as supporting local businesses and promoting energy independence.


According to renewable energy information, 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation is received on the surface of the earth, which is "20,000 times the energy required by the entire earth."

Photovoltaic Systems bslbatt


1. Environmentally Friendly Energy


Compared with fossil fuels, solar energy can be said to be very environmentally friendly, because the amount of solar energy is unlimited. If other methods are used to release polluting soot particles or greenhouse gases, the photovoltaic system can always have a sustainable design. When using photovoltaic systems, the release of fine dust is frequently discussed and correctly criticized by the media.


2. Photovoltaic Revenue is Good


When using photovoltaic systems, not only nature is happy. At this point, you can also be very selfish and only consider your own wallet, because photovoltaic also mean considerable additional income.


In Europe or Australia and other regions, there are policies to sell solar power to the grid.If you can make full use of your own photovoltaic system, you can not only reduce the cost of the grid, but also get a return from the grid.


This may mean an income of 1.2 to 2.5 US dollars per square meter per year. Extrapolating to the total square meters, renting a roof area provides you with a quick and effective way to generate a decent income. Don't just make your own roof a roof, imitating many others also found great opportunities.


3. Photovoltaic Systems are Cheaper Than Ever


When you take advantage of solar incentives, it is cheaper to install solar energy. For example, if you install a solar system before the end of 2022, you may qualify for a 26% federal tax credit.


This tax credit is equal to 26% of the total cost of the solar system and applies to your income tax. In addition to federal tax credits, there are many other solar incentives offered locally.


In the past, the acquisition of photovoltaic systems was quite difficult for many stakeholders, because this decision also meant a huge investment. These times seem to be numbered. In recent years, the cost of photovoltaic systems has dropped significantly. Subsidies have also led families to consider realizing and handling numerous economic advantages more and more frequently.


The rising price of electricity speaks for itself, and projects that support the purchase of photovoltaic systems. If household consumption is within the economy's normal range, then combined with a small photovoltaic system can quickly save a lot of costs. In this way, up to $1,200 can be added to the family budget each year.


4. Solar Power Keeps Your Home Away From The Grid


Traditional electricity relies heavily on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Not only are they harmful to the environment, but they also limit resources. This translates into a volatile market in which energy prices change throughout the day.


photovoltaic battery

Owning photovoltaic systems allows homeowners to create their own energy, thereby enabling them to obtain energy independence! By combining solar panels and residential energy storage batteries, you can easily protect yourself from unpredictable utility price increases and enjoy cheap electricity throughout the day-the sun will never increase its rates, it provides you with energy security.


Once solar panels are installed on your roof, you are technically energy independent. Solar battery storage systems can also help store electricity at night and in rain.


On a larger scale, the United States' switch to solar and other renewable energy sources will enable the country to achieve energy independence. The United States does not need to rely heavily on other countries to obtain oil, natural gas, and coal.


Using the energy created here in the United States without relying on foreign resources is good for national security and national economy.


5. Increase House Value


Solar energy systems can significantly increase your resale value. Most home buyers understand what it means to be equipped with a solar system—especially because the system is already in place, and they don’t need to make initial investment and installation. In the United States, photovoltaic storage systems increase the value of houses by an average of 4.1%. This means that a house worth $500,000 may increase by $20,500.


The time for solar houses to be on the market usually varies from country to country. Compared with homes without photovoltaic systems, solar installations will help your home sales increase by 20%.


The numbers say it all: installing a home solar system is a good investment. Whether you are upgrading your home for future sale or making it a permanent home, the value of the property will usually increase significantly.


6.Low carbon future


Photovoltaic systems are an obvious choice for a low-carbon future, with reliable and long-lasting energy. To date, greater use of this seldom-developed energy source will help mitigate climate change while stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and improving the integrity and security of the grid.


However, if there is no strong support from national and international policies for solar energy and other renewable energy sources, society will continue to embark on the path of excessive dependence on unsafe energy, with violent price fluctuations and high carbon emissions.


Incentives should be established for those who adopt these energies as early as possible, as well as regulatory frameworks and educational initiatives to promote large-scale adoption of solar energy in the market. With clear signs in the market, the industry can produce low-carbon solar energy with sufficient capacity to help meet energy challenges on a global scale.

solar energy storage system


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