Uninterrupted Energy Anywhere: The Versatile 3300kW Portable Power Station

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BSLBATT introduces the EnergiPak 3840, a portable power station that keeps your home and outdoor equipment up and running at all times.

portable power station

BSLBATT, whose mission is to provide the best possible lithium battery solutions, and who is committed to providing customers with more choice and expanding the range of products in the renewable energy sector, announces the launch of its latest convenient power station, the EnergiPak 3840, which utilizes cylindrical LiFePO4 to provide back-up power for appliances such as refrigerators, hot water heaters, laptops, coffeemakers, fans and more. appliances including refrigerators, water heaters, laptops, coffee makers, fans, etc. or to energize outdoor equipment.

Said Eric, CEO of BSLBATT Lithium:

"After our market research and customer feedback, there is a high demand for a convenient power supply product, whether it is for outdoor camping or construction areas away from utility power where the need for electricity is unavoidable, so with our EnergiPak 3840, our customers will have a large, versatile and removable 3840Wh energy storage module."

portable power supply

With a storage capacity of 3840Wh and an ultra-high power of 3300kW, which is very rare in the industry, the EnergiPak 3840 can release more energy than its counterparts, which means that in case of a power outage you can run an 800W coffee machine for at least 4.8h.

EnergiPak 3840 consists of control board (DC board), inverter board (AC board), BMS board, and PV board (photovoltaic board) and LiFePO4 cells, so the whole battery weighs 40kg. Considering the convenience of moving and carrying, we have equipped it with wheels and tie bars, which have been carefully designed for ease of use and movement.

As with all BSLBATT products, the EnergiPak 3840 is incredibly versatile, with three different input ports so you can charge it from mains, photovoltaic (up to 2000W) and on-board. It also has up to 10 different output ports, including five AC plugs, two USB-A sockets and two USB-C sockets a 12V socket and is pure sine wave.

Unlike other convenient power station products, the EnergiPak 3840 is equipped with a power knob that allows you to adjust the level of input power, when in no hurry to use it, you can adjust it to the minimum power for charging, or if you are in a hurry to use it, you can adjust the power to the maximum, which is less than 3 hours for a full charge. This design effectively extends the life of the battery, and low power charging prevents the battery from overheating.

Specification: EnergiPak 3840

Rated Capacity/Output: 3840Wh

Weight: 40kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 630*313*467 mm

Output: (2x) USB-A: QC3.0 18W

      (2x) USB-C: PD 100W / PD 30W

      (5x) AC Output: 1x 30A / 4x 20A

      (1x) Cigarette lighter output: 13.6V/10A

Input:  Utility: 110VAC / 220VAC

      Photovoltaic: 2000W

      Car charger: 2000W 11.5V-160V max 20A  

Charging time: 2.56 hours

Life cycle: 4000+

Warranty: 5 years


BSLBATT is a leading Lithium battery manufacturer located in Guangdong, China, providing the best Lithium battery solutions for different applications. Our products are based on LiFePO4 electrochemical technology, which is rigorously validated and tested to provide our customers with cost-effective energy storage products for convenient power plants, home energy storage and commercial and industrial energy storage.