The New BSLBATT Home Battery Complete Review

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Now, 6 years have passed since Tesla first introduced the Powerwall, and home batteries have become smarter and smarter. Home battery systems have many benefits, from saving electricity bills to resilience against grid outages and so on.

As a well-known lithium battery brand in China, BSLBATT also has outstanding achievements in the field of home energy storage batteries. Since the launch of the first home energy storage battery, we have never given up on the development and production of home solar energy systems. From solar panels to inverters, home energy storage batteries, and battery monitoring and management systems, we hope to provide customers with the best energy storage solutions!

So in this article, I will introduce to you our new product-stacking or wall-mounted home energy storage batteries.

home battery system


As a senior expert in the lithium battery industry, we have always emphasized "giving users the best battery solution", which is also the origin of the name BSLBATT. So BSLBATT can provide better customer after-sales service than other energy storage options. And with the research on home energy storage systems in recent years, we have introduced a variety of capacity home batteries, which can cope with the actual electricity consumption of a variety of homes! You can find energy storage batteries from 2.5Kwh to 15Kwh on our Powerwall Page!

In addition to home energy storage batteries, we provide all products in solar systems, including inverters, solar panels, and controllers! This means that, unlike most solar panel systems, all individual components will be provided by the same company Warranty.

Product Specifications

When choosing a solar home battery, you need to keep in mind various important indicators and technical specifications. The most important of these are battery size (power and capacity), depth of discharge, and round-trip efficiency.

The capacity of our home battery backup is 5kwh, and its capacity can be increased by stacking. Each Powerwall is composed of 48V 100Ah Lithium Batteries. Its size is 616*486*210 mm, and its weight is about 65Kg. The maximum current supported is 150Ah, and the LED light on the side is its power indicator. You can clearly know the remaining power of the Home battery system through the change of the indicator.

BSLBATT home battery can be used for more than 6000 cycles. If used every day, its service life is more than 10 years. However, like most home storage batteries, our lithium battery system provides customers with a ten-year warranty, which is an off-grid system for home use. The use of provides a reliable guarantee!

Performance Metrics

100A BMS supports the following communications Canbus/RS485ARS232/RS485B, of which Canbus and RS485A are responsible for communication with the inverter, RS232 is responsible for communication with the upper BMS host computer and is used as a BMS software upgrade interface, and RS485B is responsible for parallel communication between BMSs; 150A/200A BMS Support Canbus/RS485 communication, where Canbus is responsible for communication with the inverter, and RS485 is responsible for parallel communication between BMSs.

home battery backup

How Does BSLBATT Solar Home Battery Work?

Solar cells, also known as solar PV (photovoltaic) systems, will use renewable energy to charge your home battery system. BSLBATT Solar battery can be perfectly matched with the solar panel system. If needed, we can also provide a solar energy panel. As long as enough power is stored from the solar panels when the sun is shining, installing a storage solution such as BSLBATT with a solar system can maintain a stable power supply during the day or night.

Like many other home battery systems, the capacity of BSLBATT is suitable for your daily use at home and is mainly designed to be paired with a solar panel system. When the electricity generated by your solar panels exceeds the electricity consumption of your home, you can store the excess electricity in the home battery system, and in the event of a power outage or special circumstances, BSLBATT can become your home backup battery for your electrical appliances provide electricity!

Where Can I Buy BSLBATT Energy Storage Batteries?

BSLBATT can provide local services in many regions. For example, we have distributors in the United States, Canada, South Africa, the Philippines, and other regions, which can quickly deliver to home; and we are looking for reliable distributors around the world, if you are willing to become a local market Our agent, please join us for free!


The above is all the consultation of our new series of home energy storage batteries. Thank you for reading, bookmark our website, and get more news about household solar energy systems at any time!