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BSLBATT has now launched its own battery storage inverter that matches all of BSLBATT's home storage battery modules.

This series is a new hybrid solar energy storage inverter that integrates solar energy storage & utility charging energy storage, AC sine wave output in one. The HF/MF48-H series is a new type of hybrid solar energy storage inverter with integrated solar energy storage & utility charging energy storage and AC sine wave output, which adopts DSP control and features high response speed, high reliability and high industrial standard through advanced control algorithm. It has the features of high response speed, high reliability and high industrial standard through advanced control algorithm. It has four charging modes: solar only, utility priority, solar priority, and utility & solar; two output modes: inverter and utility. The inverter and utility output modes can be selected to meet different application requirements.

  • High-Performance 3kW 5kW Off Grid Inverter Built-in MPPT
    Elevate your off-grid energy game with our cutting-edge off-grid inverters, available in two robust models: 3kW and 5kW inverter solar off grid. Experience uninterrupted power wherever you are with these reliable and efficient solutions.
  • 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter 5kW MPPT 230V AC Alternatives Deye 5kVa
    The 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter 5KW is a convenient and efficient design for applications that require high power output from a PV source. With a DC input of up to 7kW, this product is compatible with all BSLBATT LiFePO4 solar batteries and comes with inbuilt smart APP, comprehensive LCD display and can be integrated directly into the newly installed solar systems for convenient installation. 
  • Hypontech HHT 5-12K High Voltage 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter
    BSLBATT has officially partnered with Hypontech to offer solar dealers and installers the high-voltage, three-phase hybrid inverter. The HHT series, which includes models ranging from 5 kW to 12 kW, have all been tested for closed-loop communication with the BSLBATT high-voltage series of batteries, which allows the solar system to run more efficiently and effectively when running the two products together in your home.
  • 8kW Hybrid Solar Inverter | 2 MPPT | 10400W PV Input | 8000W Output | BSLBATT
    The BSL-8K-2P is an 8kW hybrid solar inverter with an AC grid output, combining grid-tied and off-grid functions, with two built-in charge controllers with a maximum input current of 22A, no transformer required, and a multifunctional power station combining solar, national grid, generator, and battery energy.
  • 6kW 8kW 10kW Hybrid Solar Inverter Split-phase with 4/1 MPPT 48V
    6.0KW | 8.0KW | 10.0KW
    The BSL-8K-4P-NA hybrid solar inverter is suitable for the Americas and is available in 6kW, 8kW and 10kW. The appropriate model can be chosen by considering the power of your solar panels and your consumption requirements. The inverter features a three-unit parallel operation option, Our 6kW 8kW 10kW hybrid solar inverters are perfect for those who are looking for a reliable, cost-effective and efficient power solution.
  • 3 Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter 8kW 10kW 12kW HV Battery Inverter for On/Off Grid System
    8.0KW | 10.0KW | 12.0KW
    BSL-10K-2P-EU 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter is a perfect choice for high-voltage solar storage systems. The hybrid solar inverter is designed with grid-tied and off-grid capability to meet every customer's demand, available in 8kW, 10kW and 12kW power ratings Up to 97.9% efficiency with automatic control of voltage and frequency can easily maintain the whole system more stable, reliable and energy efficient.