How to prevent secondary damage caused by explosion of solar lithium battery bank?

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How to effectively prevent the secondary damage caused by the explosion of the solar lithium battery bank? What is the cause of the explosion of the solar lithium battery bank?


At present, most home solar battery banks use LifePo4 batteries. The energy storage capacity and charging and discharging time of lithium batteries are much better than other rechargeable batteries at the time, greatly enhancing its stability, volume and manufacturing process. , Then why is lithium battery a new energy source, and it is hard to escape the fate of explosion? The following editor of BSLBATT Battery explains how to prevent solar lithium battery bank from exploding.


>> What is the cause of the explosion of solar lithium battery bank?


1. External short circuit


The external short circuit may be caused by improper operation or misuse. Due to the external short circuit, the battery discharge current is very large, which will cause the battery core to heat up, and the high temperature will cause the internal diaphragm of the battery core to shrink or completely break down, resulting in an internal short circuit and explosion. .


2. Internal short circuit


Due to the internal short-circuit phenomenon, the large current discharge of the battery cell generates a lot of heat, which burns the diaphragm and causes a greater short-circuit phenomenon. In this way, the battery core will generate high temperature and decompose the electrolyte into gas, resulting in excessive internal pressure. When the shell of the battery cell cannot withstand this pressure, the battery cell will explode.


3. Overcharge


When the battery cell is overcharged, the excessive release of lithium in the positive electrode will change the structure of the positive electrode. If too much lithium is released, it is easy to be unable to insert into the negative electrode, and it is also easy to cause lithium deposition on the surface of the negative electrode. Moreover, when the voltage reaches 4.5V or more, The electrolyte will decompose to produce a large amount of gas. All of the above may cause an explosion.


4. Over release


5. The water content is too high


>> How to effectively prevent secondary damage caused by the explosion of solar lithium battery bank


BSLBATT is a company dedicated to the research and development and production of home solar lithium batteries. The company has been engaged in the lithium battery energy storage industry for many years and has accumulated rich professional experience to provide users with stable, safe, portable products and perfect power energy solutions. It is sufficient to ensure the safety of the battery in general use and has been tested in practice, so as long as we are good at using our battery, it will not cause too much safety hazard to us. The following is the editor’s advice on the safe use of lithium battery packs. some advices:


1. Use the original charger: the charging time is the high incidence period of solar lithium battery bank explosion events. The original charger can guarantee the battery safety better than the compatible charger.


2. Use reliable batteries: Try to buy original batteries or batteries from well-known brands in the market, such as solar lithium battery bank from BSLBATT. Don't buy "second-hand" or "parallel imports" to save money. Such batteries may be repaired and are not as good as original batteries. reliable.

3. Do not place the solar lithium battery bank in extreme environments: High temperature, collisions, etc. are important causes of battery explosion. Try to keep the battery in a stable environment, away from high temperatures.


4. Don't try to modify: After modification, the lithium battery may be in an environment that has not been considered before, which increases safety risks.


>> Summary


As the most widely used battery energy storage at present, the solar lithium battery bank will still become an important part of our clean energy life for a long time. Although there are potential safety hazards, as long as we purchase and use lithium batteries correctly, I believe The explosion of the solar lithium battery bank will be history forever.