Roller Powerwall

Roller-type Powerwall is the latest design concept, using 48V lithium solar battery, suitable for residential, office and small commercial purposes, convenient to move, and place it anywhere! We have a variety of wheeled Powerwall designs, and the battery capacity can range from 5kWh-20kWh, which can meet the needs of solar off-grid systems.

  • 48V 100AH LiFePO4 Power Wall Lithium ion Home Battery ESS Battery Module BSLBATT
    The Home Battery Backup Power (48V LiFePo4 Powerwall Battery)
    Powerwall Battery is a high-tech product developed to meet the requirements of the new home backup power supply. It has the characteristics of integration, miniaturization, light weight, intelligence, standardization, and environmental protection. B-LFP48-100PW has a lithium (LiFePO4) battery storage capacity of 5kWh, allowing you to stay away from the grid as you like.
  • 15kWh Lithium Powerwall Battery Emergency Power Supply for Homes | BSLBATT
    15kWh Battery Bank

    The BSLBATT B-LFP-15PW is a fully integrated energy storage and management solution for 15 kWh batteries. Up to 16 units can be used together for additional capacity. The PowerWall Series has been designed for trouble-free mounting and is easy to connect with other system components. Home battery storage systems capture and store electricity from solar panels or the grid.
  • Home Solar Backup Power Lithium ion Batteries 10kWh Battery 48V 200Ah
    The BSLBATT Home Solar Backup Power Battery is a smart 10kWh (available 9.6kWh) solar rechargeable battery that enables homeowners to store electricity generated by the residential solar power system or grid for emergency battery power supply for homes. Using BSLBATT lithium ion solar batteries, you can significantly improve the independence and self-consumption of household electricity. The excess electricity will be stored and provided when needed! B-LFP48-200 components can be expanded by additional battery modules at any time. Depending on the module size, the storage capacity can be increased from 10kWh to 20kWh or higher!
  • Solar Battery Backup System for Home 20kWh Lithium ion Battery LiFePo4 Powerwall
    The BSLBATT B-LEP48V-400PW is an intelligent 20kWh (20.48kWh usable) solar battery backup system for home appliances. Combined with your solar system, you can reduce the consumption of electricity from the public grid by up to 90%, enabling so-called "local production, local consumption". You achieve optimum solar power storage utilization at all times. Since the home solar battery backup system is operated in parallel with the grid, you only draw the amount of electricity from the grid that may be required in addition to the storage electricity. This saves you money - in view of the electricity prices - and makes a valuable contribution to reducing the environmental pollution.
  • Solar Wall Battery 48V Powerwall 5kWh 7kWh 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh Battery Bank Support OEM
    On-demand Customization
    Home battery storage systems are set to become a necessary part of the homes of the future.BSLBATT® solar wall battery solutions can help. By adding battery storage to your solar system, you can control how much energy is saved and when it is used - so that lights stay on, mobile phones can be charged and fridges can stay cold. And even if something goes wrong, you won't feel powerless.
  • BSLBATT 20KWh 48V 400Ah Wheel Design Lithium Battery System Storage
    The BSLBATT 20 kwh lithium battery storage cabinet enforces the technical innovations, as by the specially developed by BSLBATT Lithium unique active bidirectional transmission optional battery management system (BMS) new standard for modularity and Efficiencies. Because of the special control, the cells are optimally charged and discharged to ensure a long shelf life.