• Residential Solar Batteries High Voltage Lithium Batteries for Solar System
    Residential Solar Batteries High Voltage Lithium Batteries for Solar System
    High Voltage Lithium ion Battery

    The BSL-BOXHV is a fully scalable, modular residential solar battery storage solution based on high voltage lithium ion batteries, with a usable battery capacity of 15.36 kWh for the base unit and expandable in 5.12 kWh increments to a maximum series capacity of 30.72 kWh. The maximum series capacity is 30.72 kWh. The BSL-BOXHV is very easy to install, weighing only 65kG per module, and requires only two professionals to complete all installations.
    • Product Description
    Product Description

    Residential Solar Battery BSL-BOXHV 15.36 - 30.72 kWh

    With the BSL-BOXHV high-voltage residential solar battery, BSLBATT offers the latest solution for complete home solar energy storage. the BSL-BOXHV is compatible with most of the well-known high-voltage inverters on the market. With the BSL-BOXHV system, you will benefit from reliable and safe renewable energy.

    If you wish to install solar panels at home or are already using solar energy, we can help you run autonomously from the grid with the house batteries for solar solution, which keeps the lights on in case of power outages. Whenever there is a utility outage, home power batteries can help you achieve energy independence with uninterruptible power supplies.


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    lithium batteries for solar power (1) Product Highlights

    Module level auto-balancing

    Tier One, A+ Cell Composition

    15.36kWh expandable up to 30.72kWh;

    AC Coupled for both new and retrofitted installations

    Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous Cobalt-Free LFP Chemistry

    No Thermal Runaway with Fire Propagation

    No Heat Generation, Mitigation, Thermal Monitoring or Toxic Cooling

    Extended Operating Temperature -4 to 140F

    98% Efficiency Rate

    Fast Charge & Discharge Rates

    ≥ 6000 Cycle Life with a 10 Year Warranty

    Cycle One to Several Times Per Day

    Seamless Integration with All Industry Standard Inverter/Charge Controllers

    Built-In Safety – BMS with Breaker On/Off Switch for Shipping & Installation

    Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance

    UL rated battery pack.


    1.It adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

    2.The service life is long, the product can be guaranteed for 10 years, and the service life is more than 15 years.

    3.Modular design, easy for customers to install and maintain.

    4.Small size, light weight, the same energy lithium battery, the weight and volume are 1/3 of the lead acid.

    5.The configuration is flexible, and different capacities can be configured according to customer needs.

    6.The power board and BMS can be easily replaced.

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    Compatible with 20+ Inverters

    BSLBATT lithium batteries for solar power uses a leading BMS and has developed its own programming to be compatible with more than 20 inverter brands. When the batteries are connected to different brands of inverters, the BMS automatically recognises the inverter communication protocol and matches it.

    residential solar batteries high voltage lithium batteries for solar system
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    Take Complete Control With The BSLBATT Power APP

    Our intelligent software combines weather, utility rate, and historical solar production and energy consumption data to continually drive energy efficiency and improve system performance to meet your specifically tailored goals.

    The BSLBATT BSL-BOXHV is the ideal energy storage solution for grid-tied or off-grid solar installations. Lower your utility bill by avoiding the need to buy electricity at peak times with the BSLBATT high voltage lithium ion battery BSL-BOXHV. With the BSLBATT house batteries for solar, you can use more clean energy in a more efficient way. This makes you more independent of daylight and utility power.


    Nominal voltage 153.6V(48series) 204.8V(64series) 256V(80series) 307.2V(96series)
    Storage capacity 100Ah 100Ah 100Ah 100Ah
    Internal resistance (AC) 15.36KWh 20.48KWh 25.6KWh 30.72KWh
    Cycle life ≤80mΩ ≤100mΩ ≤120mΩ ≤150mΩ
    Design Life ≥6000 cycles @80% DOD,25℃,0.5C ≥ 4000 cycles @80% DOD,40℃,0.5C
    Capacity 10 - 20 Years

    Recommended charging voltage 168V±0.5V 228V±0.5V 284V±0.5V 340V±0.5V
    Maximum operating current 100Ah

    Discharge cut-off voltage 135V±0.5V 180V±0.5V 225V±0.5V 270V±0.5V
    Charging temperature range 0℃ ~ 60℃
    Discharge temperature range -20℃ ~ 60℃
    Storage temperature range -40℃~55℃ @ 60% ± 25% relative humidity
    Dimensions in mm 745*415*590 mm 930*415*590 mm 1120*415*590 mm 1300*415*590 mm
    Weight 195kg 260kg 310kg 360kg
    Communication method RS232-PC,RS485(B)-PC RS485(A)-Inverter,Canbus-Inverter
    Number of parallel connections Supports up to 10 batteries in series
    Certification UN38.3,MSDS,UL1973(Cell),IEC62619(Cell)

    Strong & Durable Structure

    BSLBATT residential solar batteries high voltage lithium battery adopts the patented rhombus Tier One, A+ LiFePO4 Cell Composition. The whole internal assembly from cells, modules, BMS to components are screw fastening that presenting utmost safety and reliability.

    10kWh Powerwall battery

    Performance Characteristics

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    48V lithium ion battery life home battery life

    The BSLBATT storage systems capture excess solar energy to provide power when it is needed most—when the power goes out, when electricity prices spike, or when the sun isn’t shining. BSLBATT curates a portfolio of hardware options from internationally recognized battery and power electronics suppliers in order to provide homeowners and businesses with safe, reliable, and renewable power.

    As one of the top lithium ion solar battery manufacturers, we can custom different specification batteries. Voltage: 12 to 48V; capacity: 50Ah to 600ah.


    “BSLBATT batteries eliminated the most difficult challenges we face when building microgrids in remote tropical locations. The batteries are much easier to transport and they have a good chance of lasting the entire 20 years. This means BSLBATT batteries generally pay for themselves in under 4 years!”