• High Voltage Lithium ion Battery Residential Solar Batteries 10kWh-30kWh for Solar System
    High Voltage Lithium ion Battery

    The BSL-BOXHEV is a fully scalable, modular residential solar battery storage solution based on high voltage lithium ion batteries, with a usable battery capacity of 10.24 kWh for the base unit and expandable in 5.12 kWh increments to a maximum series capacity of 30.72 kWh. The maximum series capacity is 30.72 kWh. The BSL-BOXHEV is very easy to install, weighing only 50KG per module, and requires only two professionals to complete all installations.
  • 6kW 8kW 10kW Hybrid Solar Inverter Split-phase with 4/1 MPPT 48V
    6.0KW | 8.0KW | 10.0KW
    The BSL-8K-4P-NA hybrid solar inverter is suitable for the Americas and is available in 6kW, 8kW and 10kW. The appropriate model can be chosen by considering the power of your solar panels and your consumption requirements. The inverter features a three-unit parallel operation option, Our 6kW 8kW 10kW hybrid solar inverters are perfect for those who are looking for a reliable, cost-effective and efficient power solution.
  • 3 Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter 8kW 10kW 12kW HV Battery Inverter for On/Off Grid System
    8.0KW | 10.0KW | 12.0KW
    BSL-10K-2P-EU 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter is a perfect choice for high-voltage solar storage systems. The hybrid solar inverter is designed with grid-tied and off-grid capability to meet every customer's demand, available in 8kW, 10kW and 12kW power ratings Up to 97.9% efficiency with automatic control of voltage and frequency can easily maintain the whole system more stable, reliable and energy efficient.
  • 12kW On/Grid Hybrid Battery Inverter Solar 48V DC Split Phase
    12kW Hybrid Inverter
    HI12000LV is a 12kW hybrid inverter Built-in 3 MPPT Input for max input 18kW, can be used in 48V on-grid solar, off-grid solar and backup systems by saving on energy costs and supporting variable working modes. This 12kW solar inverter product features balanced charging and automatic mode selection – allowing you to choose between off-grid solar or backup modes of operation.
  • 48V lithium-ion Battery China Solar Battery Supplier Home Battery Wholesale 10kWh
    BSLBATT is a lithium ion solar battery manufacturer in China, we have been specializing in lithium battery manufacturer for more than 18 years, we provide 48V lithium ion battery to our customers with the best price. Looking for a reliable and efficient clean energy storage solution? Look no further than BSLBATT All in One Battery! This battery system integrates 48V solar battery and a hybrid inverter, eliminating the need for homeowners to invest in additional inverters.
  • Commercial Solar Battery Storage Systems for Solar Panel 30kWh 50kWh 100kWh
    Commercial & Industrial Battery Energy Storage
    The BSLBATT commercial solar battery storage system is an energy storage cabinet with low-voltage 48V 200Ah LiFePo4 Rack battery modules (51.2V actual), a dynamic and scalable LFP energy storage solution for commercial and industrial applications, which can be connected in parallel with up to 10 identical battery modules with capacities from 30kWh - 100 kWh can be connected in parallel for peaking, load shifting, emergency backup and demand response functions.