5 Simple Reasons to Choose Powerwall from China

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Lithium-ion battery represents a huge breakthrough in the battery industry.

The power wall, powered by lithium-ion batteries, is a quite popular product in the storage battery industry right now. The BSLBATT Powerwall Battery is one of the most advanced residential energy storage systems in the world, and the real magic behind it is the batteries. BSLBATT’s leadership in battery technology from the cell to the pack and into the finished products that utilize them highlights the fact that BSLBATT is truly not just a Battery company but really more of a broader tech company. 

With its elegance, innovation, intelligence, all these features, our houses can be more wonderful than ever before. As a modern technology for everyone’s life, it is wifi-enabled, access information at the touch of your smartphone.

Powerwall from China


Features Listing:

● Wall-mounted installation

● Light-weight

● Smart intuitive display

● Touch screen control

● Zero maintenance

● Grid and solar chargeable 

● Super long life

● Easy plug and play...

The list goes on. It just got all the ingredients that make your life a lot easier. 

But why you should choose this wall-mounted type battery from China from BSLBATT?

Wall-mounted home battery battery

Below are 5 simple reasons for you to choose Powerwall from China:

1) Lower cost. 

Without a doubt, we all know that price is always important, but this doesn’t mean the quality would be in line with a lower standard. We just don’t make the brand premium. We can cover a wider range of target customers. A large number of Chinese imports have created a large selection of goods in your countries, powerwall from China, offer more options for your end customers to choose.

2) Mature technology.

You may say why should I choose powerwall from China without even knowing any famous brands, their technology isn’t mature at all. Indeed, as Chinese manufacturers are always willing to offer OEM service, people might haven’t heard some famous powerwall brands from China yet. But we are already producing these products for a long time just without Chinese local brands. 

With the RICH experience of dealing with the problems that occurred, also pls believe that our cells are with high quality, cell damage rate is very low. So you don't need to worry about this. All the problems that should be solved have already been solved.

3) Keep up with trends

This environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery configured with high-performance BMS has a wide range of performance and application advantages compared with conventional battery. It will sure to win more house owner’s hearts. BMS technology and system design capabilities will bring excellent performance and reliability, and also provide the best solutions for any home appliances.

4) Supply chain. 

Unsurprisingly, the cost of procuring materials and components in China is much lower than in America. But this doesn't mean that Chinese producers are necessarily using lower-quality products, said BSLBATT. Leading Chinese companies are also utilizing some of the same suppliers as European manufacturers for major components like power modules.

However, the difference in procurement costs is bringing leading Powerwall companies to Asia. "This is the reason why you see firms like Advanced Energy and Schneider Electric manufacturing sub-assemblies out of China and India respectively. It's also one of the key reasons SMA decided to invest in Zeversolar earlier this year," said BSLBATT.

5) Testing. 

More stringent testing requirements also add utility-integration and labor costs for U.S. companies. China's testing standards are much less strict than America's -- a factor that keeps costs lower, but can also make things more difficult for developers if quality suffers. Solar panel manufacturers are finding that out the hard way today.

"The additional costs in terms of certification and testing to various grid support policies between different utilities throughout the U.S. leads to higher costs for U.S. manufacturing," said BSLBATT.

These factors are putting pressure on higher-cost firms outside of China and eroding the market share of leading manufacturers. However, truly challenging incumbents like SMA, Power-One, and Schneider Electric will be difficult for low-cost competitors to surpass if they can't prove their reliability and bankability.

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading combo, specialized in Lithium battery for over 17 years. Our brand: BSLBATT, means Best Solution for Lithium Battery. Can provide 5 years or 10000 hours warranty. We are a professional manufacturer engaging in research, development, production, marketing and service of lithium-ion battery cell, battery pack and battery management system.

Here we would like to develop our own brands for powerwall from China, but if you want to develop your own brand in your local market, it doesn’t matter. We’re still very glad to offer OEM service for you. Comes with powerwall from China option, hope you can catch up with this trend, earn the market share ASAP!