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Find Top Supplier of Power Wall Batteries for Your Solar Business

As a leading manufacturer of Power wall Batteries, you'll find the widest selection of products here. Our LiFePO4 solar wall batteries have redefined what's possible for solar dealers and installers looking for cutting-edge solutions for residential and commercial energy needs.

Advantages for Customers:

Energy Security: Provides customers with a reliable backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply in the event of a grid outage.

Cost Savings: Optimizes the use of solar energy, reducing reliance on the traditional utility grid and lowering overall energy costs.

Environmental Impact: Position your facility as environmentally conscious by providing sustainable energy storage solutions that reduce your carbon footprint.

Power your home with BSLBATT's innovative Power Wall solution:

  • China Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Supplier Tesla Powerwall Alternative
    As a leading lithium battery manufacturer in China, BSLBATT can provide a wide range of Wall Mounted Lithium Battery solutions for home energy storage, including 5kWh / 8kWh / 10kWh / 15kWh / 20kWh capacity options, these solar batteries are the most cost-effective Tesla Powerwall Alternative, and we support OEM / ODM. 
  • 20KWh 48V 400Ah Wheel Design Lithium Battery System Storage BSLBATT
    The BSLBATT 20 kwh lithium battery storage cabinet enforces the technical innovations, as by the specially developed by BSLBATT Lithium unique active bidirectional transmission optional battery management system (BMS) new standard for modularity and Efficiencies. Because of the special control, the cells are optimally charged and discharged to ensure a long shelf life.
  • 15kWh Solar Wall Battery 48V 300Ah Lithium-ion Home Solar Battery Tesla Alternative
    15kWh Battery - Slimline
    The BSLBATT Slimline is a solar wall battery with a large capacity of 15kWh (15.36kWh usable capacity) and is the perfect alternative to the Tesla Powerwall, providing more autonomy for your home. It can be expanded to connect 15-30 identical battery cells in parallel and is compatible with well-known inverters on the market. BSLBATT is a lithium solar battery manufacturer, specializing in LFP technology.
  • 48V 100AH LiFePO4 Power Wall Lithium ion Home Battery ESS Battery 5kWh BSLBATT
    The Home Battery Backup Power (48V LiFePo4 Powerwall Battery)
    Powerwall Battery is a high-tech product developed to meet the requirements of the new home backup power supply. It has the characteristics of integration, miniaturization, light weight, intelligence, standardization, and environmental protection. B-LFP48-100PW has a lithium (LiFePO4) battery storage capacity of 5kWh, allowing you to stay away from the grid as you like.
  • Home Energy Storage Systems Battery Pack 24 volt 300Ah lithium ion battery 7.5Kwh For Solar
    7kWh Powerwall Battery
    BSLBATT is a professional manufacturer of energy storage system with 17 years of experience. Our new 24V 300Ah lithium ion solar battery not only powers home battery system, but also provides battery storage for light commercial and industrial solar systems.Lithium batteries have many advantages in energy storage, so they are now widely used in the energy storage industry. Compared with lead-acid batteries, they have the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high charging and discharging efficiency.