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Find Top Supplier of Power Wall Batteries for Your Solar Business

As a leading manufacturer of Power wall Batteries, you'll find the widest selection of products here. Our LiFePO4 solar wall batteries have redefined what's possible for solar dealers and installers looking for cutting-edge solutions for residential and commercial energy needs.

Advantages for Customers:

Energy Security: Provides customers with a reliable backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply in the event of a grid outage.

Cost Savings: Optimizes the use of solar energy, reducing reliance on the traditional utility grid and lowering overall energy costs.

Environmental Impact: Position your facility as environmentally conscious by providing sustainable energy storage solutions that reduce your carbon footprint.

Power your home with BSLBATT's innovative Power Wall solution:

  • 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery 2.5kWh for Balcony Solar System
    MiniCore 2500 is an energy storage battery for balcony solar systems, and its ultra-thin body and large 2.5kWh capacity make it a prime choice for home energy backup. MiniCore 2500 is composed of square lithium iron phosphate, which offers higher energy density, longer cycle life and faster charging.
  • Back Up Power for Home 3860Wh LiFePO4 Portable Power Station
    Have you ever encountered an unexpected power outage, when the power failure makes all your appliances not work properly, it is time for home back up power to come into play. The BSLBATT EnergiPak 3300 is a powerful whole house battery backup & LiFePO4 Portable Power Station that with a storage capacity of 3840Wh and a maximum power of 3300W (American and Japanese standards) / 3600W (European standards). The EnergiPak 3840 can easily power your pool party, camping trip or even home for a day or two when a power outage suddenly arrives.
  • 10 kWh Battery 48V 200Ah Deep Cycle LiFePo4 Powerwall for Home Solar Storage System UL 1973
    10 kWh Solar Powerwall Battery
    The BSLBATT 10kWh battery is a cutting-edge solar wall battery designed for seamless wall mounting. This smart home energy storage system empowers homeowners with the ability to store power generated by an onsite solar system or from the grid for use as an emergency home battery backup. Compatible with any brand of solar panel, the BSLBATT 10kWh battery is perfect for homeowners with onsite solar systems who want to extend their power generation capabilities well into the night.
  • Wall Mounted Lithium Battery 51.2V LiFePO4 5kWh 7kWh 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh
    As a global leading lithium battery manufacturer and brand, BSLBATT provides high quality wall mounted lithium battery with CATL, EVE, REPT cells, 5kWh, 7kWh, 10kWh, 15kWh, 20kWh capacity options, and supports OEM and ODM services.
  • Replace Wall Mounted LiFePo4 Solar Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage
    Are you looking for a reliable alternative to the Tesla Powerwall? If you are looking for a reliable and efficient home battery system, then you have come to the right place. Our product is designed to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience, without compromising on performance or quality. The daily cycle BSLBATT wall battery uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry and can be cycled 6,000 times before warranty expiration.
  • 8kWh Solar Storage 51.2V 172Ah CATL LiFePO4 Home Battery
    The BSLBATT 51.2V 172Ah 8kWh home solar storage battery is designed for residential photovoltaic energy storage systems (ESS) and features a CATL LiFePO4 battery core, along with a high-performance battery management system (BMS) for enhanced safety, energy density, and cycle life. Building on this platform of proven technology with the same degree of expertise, quality, and innovation, the BSLBATT 8kWh Lithium battery offers a dynamic and flexible solution for any commercial project.