Invitation: Intersolar - EES Europe Battery and Energy Storage Systems Exhibition

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BSLBATT will be exhibiting at the Battery and Energy Storage Systems Exhibition at the Munich Trade Fair in Germany on May 11, 12 and 13, 2022. You can find us at booth B1 480E, where Intersolar is the perfect place to show visitors why you should choose BSLBATT as a reliable strategic partner.

Intersolar battery storage BSLBATT (1)

Bringing added value to our customers and leading the energy market!

For many years, BSLBATT has been exploring lithium options in end-consumer applications and is a very active player in the lithium battery manufacturing market with our slogan "Best solution lithium battery". This has led to new products for home and industrial batteries, and BSLBATT offers smart and innovative lithium batteries for home solar energy storage. We invite you to visit us at our booth (B1 480E) and you can register for free by following the link below!

We will showcase our Powerwall batteries, our new solutions for 48V rack mount series and high voltage inverters, as well as our high efficiency hybrid inverters.

In addition, at Intersolar we will highlight our High Voltage Inverter All-in-One Battery System (BSL-BOX-HV). This high-voltage technology for home and commercial use is a very interesting solution because it has a higher energy transfer efficiency compared to low-voltage storage batteries and is adapted to more solar storage applications. bsl-box-hv uses modular battery packs that are easy to install and do not require complex wiring harnesses, so it will be the highlight of our booth.

High Voltage AC coupled battery

We will also introduce our most popular Powerwall battery and 48V rack mount battery series from last year, covering all the benefits of LiFePO4 technology for high standard solar energy storage systems, BSLBATT batteries are already communicating with Victron inverters and have been shown to be more cost effective and performant through last year's battery installations. If you have a small footprint and are looking for a compact solar cell installation, the 48V rack mount battery series is definitely a great option.

Our company prides itself on our team of very dedicated engineers and designers who can develop fully customized solutions in different capacities to suit your requirements!

BSLBATT will also be showcasing lithium batteries suitable for use in small applications.

BSLBATT also offers a full line of lithium battery packs (12V and 24V) using LiFePo4 cell technology for solar street lights, RVs, boats and other applications. BSLBATT specializes in safety and reliability, and with years of manufacturing experience, is committed to providing the best lithium battery storage solutions that can store more than equivalent lithium and lead acid batteries energy than equivalent lithium and lead-acid batteries.

Our team looks forward to meeting you and learning which of our many solutions will be of most interest to your company!

Please visit our Intersolar booth: B1 480E, where you can register for free by following the link below.