What is Integration solutions for hybrid PV systems with energy storage battery?

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Battery storage systems associated with PV systems have progressed worldwide, whether for economic, technical or political regulatory reasons. Previously limited to grid-connected systems, lithium-ion battery packs are now an important complement to grid-connected or hybrid PV systems, and can be connected (grid-connected) or operated as a backup (off-grid).

If you are considering long-term sustainability and energy efficiency, hybrid PV systems with energy storage battery is the best choice for you, who can bring you the maximum reduction of electricity cost and good return on investment in the long run.

What is Hybrid PV Systems with Energy Storage Battery?

A hybrid PV systems with energy storage battery is a more flexible solution, your system is still connected to the grid but can store excess power through the energy storage battery, so you can use less energy from the grid than with a traditional grid-connected system, allowing you to Maximize your PV utilization and maximize your energy consumption from the sun.

how does hybrid solar system wrok

hybrid solar systems with storage can support two different modes of operation: grid-tied or off-grid, and you can charge your solar lithium batteries with different energy sources, such as solar PV, grid power, generators, etc.

In residential and commercial applications, hybrid solar systems with storage can meet a wide range of power needs and can provide power during power gaps to keep your home or store running, and at the micro or mini-generation level, hybrid solar systems with storage can perform a variety of functions:

Providing better energy management in the home, avoiding the need to inject energy into the grid and prioritizing its own generation.

Providing security for commercial facilities through backup functions or reducing demand during peak consumption periods.

Reducing energy costs through energy transfer strategies (storing and injecting energy at scheduled times).

Among other possible functions.

hybrid PV systems with energy storage battery

Advantages of Hybrid PV Systems with Energy Storage Battery

Using a hybrid self-powered solar system has huge benefits for the environment and your wallet.

It allows you to store solar energy for use at night.

 It reduces your electricity bill because it uses the energy from the batteries when you need it most (at night).

 It becomes possible to use solar energy during peak usage hours.

 It is always available in the event of a grid outage.

 It allows you to have energy independence.

 Reduces your consumption of electricity from the traditional grid.

 Allows customers to be more considerate about the use of electricity, for example, by turning on machines during the day when they are more productive.

In which cases is a hybrid PV system with energy storage battery best suited?

The hybrid solar system with storage is indicated mainly to supply energy needs where machines and systems cannot stop.

We can cite for example:




Research Centers;

 Large Control Centers;

Large Scale Commerce (Such as supermarkets and malls);

among others.

In conclusion, there is no "ready recipe" to identify the type of system that best fits the consumer profile. However, it is very important to analyze all the consumption conditions and aspects of the place where the system will be installed.

Hybrid solar system with storage

Basically, there are two types of hybrid solar system with storage solutions on the market: multi-port inverters with inputs for energy (e.g. solar PV) and battery packs; or systems that integrate components in a modular way, as shown in the figure below.

Typically in homes and small systems, one or two multi-port inverters may be sufficient. In more demanding or larger systems, the modular solution offered by device integration allows for greater flexibility and freedom in sizing components.

In the diagram above, the hybrid solar system with storage consists of a PV DC/AC inverter (which can have both grid-tied and off-grid outputs, as shown in the example), a battery system (with built-in DC/AC inverter and BMS system), and an integrated panel to create connections between the device, the power supply, and the consumer load.

Hybrid PV Systems with energy storage battery: BSL-BOX-HV

The BSL-BOX-HV solution allows the integration of all components in a simple and elegant way. A basic battery consists of a stacked structure that aggregates these three components: the grid-connected solar inverter (top), the high-voltage box (aggregator box, in the center) and the solar lithium battery pack (bottom).

With the high voltage box, multiple battery modules can be added, equipping each project with the required number of battery packs according to its needs.

The system shown above uses the following BSL-BOX-HV components.

Hybrid inverter, 10 kW, three-phase, with grid-connected and off-grid operation modes.

High voltage box: to manage the communication system and provide an elegant and fast installation.

Solar battery pack: BSL 5.12 kWh lithium battery pack.

Hybrid PV systems with energy storage battery will make consumers energy independent, check out the BSLBATT high voltage battery system to learn more about this device.